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Carden Community Centre Management Committee

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Terms of Reference


To manage the Carden Community Centre facility with volunteers and in the most cost-effective way while maximizing community use of the facility and it’s surrounding lands.


Many of the City’s Community Centres were built through volunteers and community fundraising. Initially, many of these facilities were managed by various Boards of Managements, Management Committees, etc., with sub-committees responsible for the various operations, such as catering, bar, programming, within these facilities. With the amalgamation of the City, there has been some fear that communities will lose their ‘local’ identity and potential local access to services they currently enjoy.

The intent of these Committees will therefore be to allow for local community and volunteer driven operations at local community centres where there is an interest in operating in this manner. This will allow volunteers to have a meaningful role in their community while ensuring a more cost-effective way of operating such facilities. With ‘local’ management comprised of local area residents, there will also be the opportunity to promote and introduce new activities within the facility which will be of value to that particular area.


The Committee shall be responsible for the management and operations of the Carden Community Centre including building and grounds maintenance, bookings, invoicing and collections, promotions and programming for the facility. Where viable, self-sustainability will be an ultimate goal of the Committee. The Committee shall ensure full access to the community centre by all residents of the City of Kawartha Lakes, subject to facility availability and rental policies.

The Committee will abide by any terms and conditions which may be set out by the City's Solicitor, Auditor and/or Insurer for any activities relating to Committee business including but not limited to rental agreements and special events as well as financial information.


The Committee shall be comprised of a maximum of 9 volunteer members consisting of members of the public who reside within the general area of the Carden Community Centre. Committee members will be appointed by Council. The local area Ward Councillor will be ex-officio on the Committee. The Committee shall appoint such executive positions as it deems necessary to ensure its operations but shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer. It is acknowledged that the City’s policy is that there are no per diems for any Committee positions and it is acknowledged that none of the above positions shall be paid for their services.

The Committee shall also appoint a representative to sit on an Area Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee to share and review current issues and to make recommendations to the City concerning Parks, Recreation, Cultural and Volunteer Matters.


The Client & Community Services Department and, in particular, the Parks, Recreation and Culture Division, will provide support in the form of advice, day-to-day liaison with the City, updates on rental contract formats/ grants, etc., program and promotional ideas and initial assistance in their implementation to the degree resources are available. The Department will also assist in the preparation and submission of budget requests/grant submissions.


The Committee will be entitled to establish bank accounts separate from the City’s in which to receive revenues and issue expenses relating to the facility. The Committee will ensure any such accounts shall include a minimum of two signators whom shall be members of the Committee. The Committee shall provide and make available to the City’s auditors upon request and at least annually all financial records relating to both revenues and expenses made. Further, the Committee shall make any adjustments requested by the City’s auditors in ensuring proper accountability to the City and to the community.

The City will provide an operating amount for the Committee which will be the same as the amount budgeted for in 2001 for that facility. All future budgets will need to be submitted by the Committee no later than October 31st of each year. In the event the Committee anticipates they will be operating at a greater deficit within a year, they shall advise the City by no later than October 1st of that calendar year so that adjustments may be made. In the event the Committee achieves a surplus in a given year, they shall keep this surplus, however, the City may adjust the next year’s budget to address this. It is understood that both the Committee and the City are committed to trying to ultimately achieve a cost-neutral operation, where at all possible, for the benefit of all City taxpayers.

The City will budget for and manage significant capital projects for the facility. The Committee, in the event they have recommendations for the capital budget, should submit such requests by no later than August 31st for the following year.

Final approval of fees for Community Centre use are to be approved by Council via the Community & Emergency Services Committee. Notwithstanding the above, the Committee shall have the right to waive fees for the facility but only within their budgeted parameters.

Staff Assigned

Staff from the Client & Community Services Department will be available to assist the Committee as outlined under ‘Resources’ and to attend meetings of the Committee upon request.

Timing Of Meetings

Meetings will be held on a set day and time once a month in the respective facility that the Committee is managing. Each regular group utilizing the facility will be advised of such meetings in advance in the event they wish to attend. Groups wishing to have a matter addressed will advise the Secretary in advance of the meeting.


Minutes of any meetings of the Committee will be forwarded to the Client & Community Services Department so that any action/recommendations required of staff can be assigned and so that they may also be forwarded on to Council for information purposes through the Community and Emergency Services Committee.


Any responsibilities not clearly identified within these Terms of Reference shall be the responsibility of the City of Kawartha Lakes. Council may, at its discretion, change the Terms of Reference for this Committee at any time. Any changes proposed to these Terms of Reference by the Committee shall be recommended to Council through the Community and Emergency Services Committee.

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