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Historical Downtown Lindsay

ParksandRec.jpgWith its charming Victorian architecture, Lindsay is just one of the many towns waiting to enchant you in the Kawartha Lakes region. Situated on the Scugog River between Lakes Sturgeon and Scugog, its waters were once home to a wide variety of steamboats as it was a traffic route for steamboats carrying passengers and cargo between many of the waterway communities. Nearby many of the Kawartha Lakes dot the countryside and provide great recreational boating and especially sport fishing. Shoppers will enjoy searching the many antique stores and unique artisan shops that dot the main street.

Six hundred kilometres of year round recreational trails lace the rural landscape providing plenty of great opportunities to enjoy the fresh air as you hike, cycle or ski.

The community was named Lindsay in 1836 after a surveyor’s assistant was shot in the leg and later died of infection. Pearl Hart, Wild West character, was born in Lindsay and carried out the last stagecoach robbery in the United States. Promoters staged Canada's first bullfight in Lindsay in 1958. It is a town of parks, most notably the series of parks and boardwalks along the Scugog River, which winds through the town. Lindsay is home to the popular, historic Academy Theatre.

Academy Theatre Performing Arts Centre has had an impressive presence at the foot of Lindsay’s historic main street for over a century and a long history of presenting a wide variety of professional, regional and community productions.

HorseandBuggy.jpgWhen the surveyors laid out the main street of Lindsay Ontario, they made it wide enough to accommodate the turning radius of a four-horse hitch. Planning, foresight, attention to detail, and user friendliness are the intrinsic qualities, which made Lindsay's main street the best in Upper Canada then, and make it the best in Ontario now.

A cataclysmic fire in 1859 destroyed 81 buildings in the town's commercial district, but in so doing, kindled a community pride and spirit which saw the main street beautifully reconstructed within two years, establishing it as a landmark for the Victorian architecture of the period. That community spirit has survived the generations, living on in the attention to historic detail and the pride of place inherent in main street management in both the public and private sectors of this community.

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