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Core Service Review

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In 2015, Council voted to embark upon a Core Service Review process. The purpose of this extensive review of all City services, departments and assets is to determine how best to deliver the services that matter the most to our residents.

To date, City Staff has completed over 40 Core Service Reviews and presentations. Below is a complete list arranged by category. Over the coming months, Council will be continuing to make the difficult decisions needed in order to ‘right size’ our municipality. We will be looking at ways to increase revenue, reduce expenses, meet current needs and plan for future growth.

For questions or comments about Core Service Review, please email To contact your Councillor, please click here for a directory.

Core Service Review Information

Ward Boundary Review

Special Council Meeting – Core Service Review Deputations

Monday December 12, 2016 at 4pm, Council Chambers

For any members of the public who would like to speak directly to Council about the recommendations contained within the 3 reports below.

Please limit deputations to 5 minutes or less. For more information, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 705-324-9411 or

Community Services


Resolutions from Council Meeting on December 13 regarding the following three reports on the Bobcaygeon Beach Park trailer park Arenas and Community Halls:

RESOLVED THAT Report PRC2016-010, Municipal Trailer Park Options - Bobcaygeon, be received;
THAT at the end of the 2017 season, the Trailer Park operations at the Bobcaygeon Beach Park, be discontinued;
THAT staff be directed to continue to review other potential community Recreation and Tourism uses for the Bobcaygeon Beach Park property to service the needs of the Bobcaygeon Community and the City of Kawartha Lakes and have the first public meeting to gather community ideas in March 2017; and
THAT staff review and include in 2018 budget, a Bobcaygeon Beach Park Master Plan program, including further public and stakeholder consultation.

RESOLVED THAT Report PRC2016-011, Costing Analysis - Arena Rationalization Strategy, be received;
THAT the decision that municipal ice pads be reduced from a total of ten (10) ice pads to eight (8) be put on hold indefinitely;
THAT the Mayor establish a working group including two Councillors appointed by the Mayor to seek input from each community that currently has a community centre to provide input on the issues from a community perspective relating to operations of Community Centres;
THAT the working group invite representatives from the Manvers Community to develop a Business Plan for the operation of the Manvers Community Centre that can possibly be used as a template for use in other areas of the City with the report to be completed and presented to Council by the end of Q3 2017.

RESOLVED THAT Report PRC2016-012, Community Hall Provision - Core Service Review, be received;
THAT the closure of stand alone community halls be put on hold indefinitely.

All three resolutions were carried.

For more information please see the press release regarding the decisions. (link to

The above file includes a detailed breakdown of the 3 options within Council Report 2016-011 being considered on December 13, 2016. Option A is status quo, Option B is the refurbishment model and Option C is the Twin Pad consolidation model. The breakdown shows the demolition costs that would be required in both Options B and C and the refurbishment model includes all costs to extend the lifecycle of the facilities to the 50 year mark. Please also note that at the bottom of Option B for the SouthEast area arenas, the estimated cost to construct a new single pad facility instead of refurbishing the existing Emily-Omemee arena has also been provided.

The above file is an estimated breakdown of what the $5.5 million would provide for in the refurbishment model (Option B).


Municipal Law Enforcement

Parks, Recreation and Culture

Development Services

Emergency Services


Paramedic Services


Public Works



Waste and Recycling

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