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Changing your Candidacy

Changing Office

If, after filing a nomination for an office, a candidate decides to run for a different office on council or school board, the proper documentation must be filed with the City Clerk during the nomination period. To change office a candidate must:

  • file a Withdrawal of Nomination from the old office
  • file a Nomination Paper for the new office

If the nomination fee is the same for the new office, no extra payment is required, for example, councillor to school board trustee. If the nomination fee is different for the new office, the following apply:

  • mayor to councillor or school board trustee
    • the candidate will receive a refund of $100
  • councillor or school board trustee to mayor
    • the candidate must pay the $100 difference

In regards to the campaign finances:

  • the two offices (campaigns) are separate and contributions and expenses cannot be transferred from one to the other
  • there must be a separate bank account for each campaign
  • a contributor's total contribution to the candidate in respect to all offices cannot be more than $750 for councillor and school board trustee candidates or $2,500 for mayoralty candidates

A separate financial statement for each office must be filed.

  • the first filing (for the withdrawn office) must show all financial activity from the day the nomination was filed until the day the withdrawal was filed
  • the second filing must show all financial activity from the day the new nomination was filed until the end of the campaign period

Withdrawing a Nomination

s36 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996

A withdrawal of a nomination must be done in person at the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall. If a candidate decides they no longer wish to run in the municipal election, they must:

  • complete the Withdrawal of Nomination form (PDF) (Word)
  • bring the form and proper photo identification to the City Clerk’s Office

The last day for a candidate to withdraw their nomination is 2:00 p.m., on Nomination Day, the second Friday in September (September 12, 2014). If a candidate withdraws their nomination they must submit a financial statement showing all contributions and expenses including the nomination fee from the day the nomination paper was filed until the day of withdrawal from office. This financial statement is due by 2:00 p.m., the last Friday in March following the election.

Once the withdrawal form has been accepted, the nomination fee will be refunded by the end of November of an election year.

Faxed or mailed-in forms are not accepted.

If an agent is bringing in the withdrawal form on the candidate's behalf, the agent must provide the following:

  • Withdrawal of Nomination form completed by the candidate; and
  • Photo identification from both the candidate and agent.

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