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Line Fence Information

I want to construct a fence on the property line and my neighbour is not willing to share in the cost.  What can I do?

It is always best to try to resolve the issue with your neighbour before requesting the Fence-Viewers. Discuss with your neighbour the type of fence you want and the reasons why you want the fence to try to resolve this issue. If a fence cannot be agreed upon, you can initiate the process for requesting the Fence-Viewers to view the site and make an award.

Can you give me the name of the Fence-Viewers as I want to phone one for advice.

Fence-Viewers do not give advice. If you have questions, you can contact the City Clerk’s Office at 705-324-9411, ext. 1295 or e-mail

How do I get the Fence-Viewers to come out to view my fencing matter and make an award?

Forms for initiating the process to request Fence-Viewers to attend are available at all Municipal Service Centres and at City Hall. Complete the form 'Owner's Request for Fence-Viewers - Dispute' and mail or deliver it to the City Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 9000, 26 Francis Street, Lindsay, ON, K9V 5R8. Alternatively, you may leave the completed form at a Municipal Service Centre.

Remember to provide a sufficient description of both your property and that of your neighbour, including the property assessment roll number. Attaching a diagram of the property is very beneficial to City staff and Fence-Viewers.

What does it cost to have Fence-Viewers attend and who is responsible for paying this cost?

The fee is $70.00 per Fence-Viewer per site visit, plus mileage at the City's prevailing rate plus an administration fee. Three Fence-Viewers are required to view the site. The responsibility for payment of these fees is paid for by the parties involved. The percentage to be paid by each party is determined by the Fence-Viewers as part of their award.

My neighbour and I have a different opinion on where the boundary line is. Can the Fence-Viewers come out and make a determination on this matter?

The Fence-Viewers cannot determine the location of the boundary between two properties. This is a civil matter and may require a survey and the advice of lawyers.

Can I appeal the decision of the Fence-Viewers?

The Fence-Viewers Award may be appealed by an owner who is dissatisfied with the  award.  You have fifteen days from the date of receiving a certified copy of the award to initiate an appeal.  An award is deemed to have been received seven days after being sent by registered mail. A cheque or money order to cover the appeal fee, payable to the “Minister of Finance”, must accompany the appeal. The appeal fee increases each year. To get the current appeal fee please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website at Contact the City Clerk’s Office if you require further information on appealing an award.

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