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Predation of Livestock Information

Can I claim compensation for livestock injured or killed as a result of predation?

Livestock and poultry producers are entitled to make claims to their local municipality for livestock injuries or kills due to predation by coyotes, dogs, wolves and other wildlife.

What do I do if I believe I have suffered a loss of livestock due to predation?

If you believe you have suffered an injury or kill of livestock or poultry due to predation, you should immediately notify a Livestock Valuer.  Do not remove the carcass from the attack site as the Livestock Valuer will want to examine the area for evidence to help determine the cause of the loss.  The following persons have been appointed to serve as Livestock Valuers for the City of Kawartha Lakes:

Livestock Valuers - 2015 to 2018




Wayne Daniels

Lindsay, ON


Barry Dart

Little Britain, ON


John Hope

Lindsay, ON


Keith Hughes

Downeyville, ON


Robert MacEachern

Woodville, ON


Harvey Risebrough

Oakwood, ON


Brian Vanderkleyn

Fenelon Falls, ON


What happens when I contact the Livestock Valuer?

The Livestock Valuer has 3 days from the time they are contacted to attend on-site and investigate the predation claim. The Livestock Valuer will complete a written report, and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office within 10 days. The report provides details regarding the type of predator, extent of damage to the livestock or poultry, and the amount of compensation to be awarded. Producers are required to provide a valid Farm Business Registration Number, Premises ID Number, and Social Insurance Number to the Livestock Valuer, to be included in this report. A copy of the report will be mailed to you.

What are the Maximum Amounts of Compensation?

Maximum amounts of compensation have been set by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and can be found on the OMAFRA website:

What if I do not agree with the Livestock Valuer's report?

If you do not agree with the Livestock Valuer's report, you may appeal to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, in writing, within 20 business days of receiving the report.  A cheque or money order for $25, payable to the "Minister of Finance" must accompany the appeal.  The $25 fee will be refunded, if the appeal is upheld.

Where do I get more information on predation of livestock?

Further information on the predation of livestock can be obtained by contacting OMAFRA at 1-877-424-1300 or  e-mailing You may also contact the City Clerk’s Office at:

City Clerk's Office

26 Francis Street, P.O. Box 9000

Lindsay, ON K9V 4R5

Phone: (705) 324-9411 ext. 1341 or 1342

E-Mail:   or

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