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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I have received a ticket - what are my options?

As indicated on the back of your ticket there are three options available to all defendants and there are 15 days in which to choose an option:

  1. Pay the fine – call or attend your local Provincial Offences office, forward your payment by using the provided self-addressed envelope, or you can pay online at
  2. Walk-in guilty - if you wish to plead guilty to the charge but would like to discuss the fine you must attend at the courthouse during the available day and time indicated on the back of your ticket to meet with a Justice of the Peace. A plea of guilty will be entered and you may seek additional time to pay the fine, or, in certain circumstances, the Justice of the Peace may consider reducing the fine.
  3. Not guilty -- trial request. Sign the back of your ticket under option 3 and mail or deliver it to our office. Prior to a trial notice being issued, you will be sent a meeting time and date to meet with our Prosecutor to see if your matter can be resolved. If resolution isn't reached at this meeting, a Notice of Trial will be sent to you. Be sure to advise the court of your current address. You must follow-up with the court if you do not receive a Resolution Meeting Notice within one month, or a Notice of Trial within one month after your assigned Resolution Meeting appointment.

2. What happens if I don't do anything after I have received a ticket?

Once 45 days has passed, the charge will be placed on a Fail to Respond docket and a Justice of the Peace will review the offence notices and may convict you in in your absence. Once you have been convicted it is too late to choose any of the options indicated on the back of your ticket.

3. How do I pay my fine?

Payments can be made in person at any Provincial Offences office in Ontario by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or MasterCard.
Payments can also be made by calling the phone number on the back of the ticket and using Visa or MasterCard.
Cheques, Visa or MasterCard payments can be forwarded by mail in the self-addressed envelope provided with your ticket. Just complete the payment slip and enclose it with your cheque or credit card information in this envelope.
Online payments can also be made at
Please note that a charge of $37.50 will be applied to all cheques dishonoured by the banks.

4. I don't understand exactly what the charge means - how can I find out more information?

To find out more information about your charge the attached link will take you to the Ministry of the Attorney General site. MAG

5. How many demerit points will I receive once I am convicted of this charge?

Demerit points are determined and administered by the Ministry of Transportation. Follow the MTO link at the bottom of this paragraph to find out more information about whether your charge carries any demerit points and the number of demerit points. The link will take you to the appropriate MTO site where you can select the "Driver Licensing" option. MTO

6. How can I receive more information about the current status of my driving record?

All driving record information is maintained and administered by the Ministry of Transportation. The following link will advise what steps need to be taken in order to receive a driving record abstract. Select the "Ministry Online Services" option. MTO

7. What is the Victim Fine Surcharge noted on my ticket and do I have to pay it?

As of January 1, 1995 all provincial offences fines, except for parking infractions, carry a victim fine surcharge. The surcharge operates on a sliding scale, depending on the amount of the fine. All surcharge monies are credited to the Victim' Justice Fund. Money in the fund is used to support programs that provide assistance to victims or witnesses of a provincial or federal crime. The victim fine surcharge must be paid in full and if not, enforcement proceedings can be taken (such as driver licence suspension) by the Provincial Offences court, regardless of the outstanding amount owing.

8. After I receive my ticket will the court forward any other notification? What if I do not receive this notification?

Yes. A Conviction Notice will be sent to the address noted on your ticket upon conviction by the Justice of the Peace.  The notices are forwarded as a courtesy only - if for some reason you do not receive the notices the fine and victim fine surcharge are still outstanding and must be paid in full in order to avoid enforcement and additional costs.
The ticket issued to you by the Officer is your formal notification that a charge has been laid and that you must choose an option within 15 days.


1. I have received a parking ticket - can I pay it at the Provincial Offences court?

No. The Parking Enforcement office for the City of Kawartha Lakes is located in the By-law Department at 180 Kent Street. Please note that you can only pay Parking tickets issued within the City of Kawartha Lakes jurisdiction at this location. Any inquiries regarding your parking ticket should be addressed to the Parking Department at the location mentioned above or by telephone at 705-324-9411 ext. 1212.

2. I have been charged with a municipal by-law infraction and I would like more information about what this means.

All by-law charges are enforced and prosecuted by the City of Kawartha Lakes or by the County of Haliburton. To receive more information about your charge or to view a copy of the various municipal by-laws, please visit our Municipal By-Law segment on this website.

All by-law charges are filed at the local Provincial Offences Court and all related administration and fine payments are processed at the courthouse.


1. I did not receive my Notice of Trial in the mail and now I have been convicted - what can I do?

You must attend at either your local Provincial Offences court or at the court where your trial was scheduled and swear an Affidavit (Section 11 Affidavit) advising the court that you did not receive your Notice of Trial. Along with this affidavit, you must complete a Request for Reopening Form.  This must be done within 15 days of becoming aware that you were convicted. 

The affidavit and Request for Re-Opening will be forwarded to the Justice of the Peace and it will be considered for a re-opening of the case. If granted, a new trial date shall be issued. You are obligated to confirm your address with the court and to follow-up with the court to get this new trial date - especially if there appears to be a problem with your mail delivery.

2. How do I order disclosure?

You may receive disclosure (a copy of the prosecution’s evidence, i.e. officer’s notes, witness statements, collision reports) prior to your trial date by submitting a request in writing to:

Prosecution Services, Provincial Offences Office

440 Kent Street West

Lindsay, ON  K9V 5P2


by faxing your request to (705) 324-8164.

Disclosure will not be mailed to you.  You can pick it up in person at the Provincial Offences office once you have been notified it is available for pick up.  Disclosure can also be faxed or e-mailed to you.

In order to assist in providing disclosure please include the following information in your written request:

  1. Your first and last name,
  2. Trial date and time,
  3. Your telephone number (for a return call advising disclosure is ready for pick up) or,
  4. A fax number where the disclosure materials may be faxed to you or,
  5. An e-mail address where the disclosure material may be sent to you.

Please send your request well in advance of your trial date to allow for disclosure to be received from the enforcement agency, reviewed by the Prosecutor and provided to you.


1. My licence has been suspended because I did not pay my fine by the due date - what should I do now?

An enforcement action that the Provincial Offences Court may choose is suspension of a driver's licence for non-payment of the fine and victim fine surcharge. If a suspension has been ordered you must pay the total amount outstanding at any Provincial Offences court in Ontario. A $40.00 enforcement fee will be added to this total.
After payment is made you are required to go to your local MTO office and pay a $180.00 reinstatement fee. As long as the reinstatement fee has been paid your licence will be reinstated within 3-4 days of paying the total outstanding amount at the Provincial Offences court.

2. Why does it take up to 4 days to reinstate my licence?

Once the Provincial Offences court receives payment the Defaulted Fines Control Centre is advised electronically through an overnight batch reporting system.
The Defaulted Fines Control Centre administers all defaulted fines for the Province of Ontario. Once they have been notified they will clear the suspense from their records and then notify MTO within 2 days.
MTO will then require an additional day to update your driving record on their system.

3. Why am I not notified of my suspension after I have been suspended?

The Ministry of Transportation no longer forewarns a defendant of his/her pending suspension since they (the defendants) have already been provided with notices of outstanding fines from the Court of competent jurisdiction.

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