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Green Belt project helps standardize Pumper equipment

KAWARTHA LAKES - When firefighters across Kawartha Lakes are called upon to respond to a motor vehicle accident or structural fire seconds count. That was one of the driving forces behind Deputy Fire Chief Ron Raymer’s Green Belt project to look at equipment on Pumpers across the City’s 21 fire halls.

The team, led by Deputy Chief Raymer included one full time firefighter, Andrew Stewart, and four volunteer firefighters, Corey Hanna, Kevin Barton, Mike Reid and Richard Bosemma.

In developing the project, the team looked at how they could prevent the duplication of equipment on the Pumpers which are not necessary helping to reduce the cost of servicing and replacing equipment.

More importantly, the team examined what equipment was needed to perform the duties required by each Pumper.

In the past, the fire service had standardized the equipment they purchased so that every firefighter trains on the same equipment no matter where they are stationed. The City’s Initiative Management Green Belt project focused on taking that equipment and, where possible due to truck design, place the same equipment in the same cabinets on the trucks to save time when more than one station is on the scene of an incident.

“This project really enabled us to focus on ensuring that when more than one hall responds to an incident everyone on scene knows exactly where to find a specific piece of equipment,” explained Deputy Chief Raymer. “When you’re on scene and you’re looking for a particular piece of equipment five seconds or 10 seconds or 30 seconds can make a huge difference. This project helps ensure that regardless of which hall you’re from and which Pumper you’re going to for equipment on scene, the firefighters know exactly where to find it.”

The project team also developed procedure and operating guideline for standardization of equipment carried on Fire Service Pumper trucks.

One of the outcomes of this project was to colour code each of the City’s 21 stations, so that when firefighters are on scene and they use a particular piece of equipment from a truck, everyone is aware of which truck and hall the equipment belongs too,” the Deputy Chief said.

For the six people working on the team, Deputy Chief Raymer said the experience was a positive one.

“The group doing this project thought it was great,” he said. “It has been a very positive experience.”

While the implementation of the standard operating procedure, colour coding and standardization of equipment took about three months to complete, Deputy Chief Raymer and the team of five full time and volunteer firefighters are already starting on their second project to standardize equipment on Tanker trucks.

“We have found this to be a very worthwhile project and the end result will save precious time for all of the City’s firefighters, regardless of which hall they come from, when they are called upon,” Deputy Chief Raymer said.


For more information, please contact

Ron Raymer
Deputy Chief
(705) 324-5731 Ext. 592

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