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New landfill hours align with resident needs

KAWARTHA LAKES - Better understanding the usage of the City’s landfill sites by members of the public and optimizing hours of operation was the focus of a recent Green Belt project in Kawartha Lakes.

Led by Waste Management Operations Supervisor Heather Dzurko, the team included landfill equipment operator Scott C Mitchell, landfill attendant Leanna Jones, compliance officer Tara Stephen, waste technician Katelyn Brown and crew leader Paul Chamberlain.

The team looked at optimizing the landfill hours of operation and established a process for tracking the impact on public service and waste management costs.

In order to determine which changes would be most beneficial to the hours of operation at Kawartha Lakes Landfill Sites, data related to the use of landfill sites was reviewed. The purpose of reviewing this data was to ensure that any changes made would allow the City to maintain revenues and ensure convenient access to landfill patrons, and safe work hours for staff.

2015 Landfill Hours of Operation

“It was a very data intensive project but we had a great team, very keen and the entire experience was positive,” said Ms. Dzurko. “It was a great experience I think and it was really great to have operational staff involved and have their input.”

“The outcomes of the project are certainly reflective of the data we collected and of the input we received from staff and the public,” Ms. Dzurko added.

As part of the outcomes of the Landfill Hours project, there will be increased hours of operation at the Lindsay, Eldon and Laxton landfills beginning in 2015 and decreased hours in Somerville. There are no changes to hours of operation in Fenelon.

The main changes will see the Lindsay/Ops landfill open one hour earlier and close one hour earlier, moving from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  More details regarding the specific changes can be found in the Solid Waste Calendar and on the City’s website.  

“Looking at the data on landfill usage, the team is confident the changes to operating hours better meets the needs of users and is more reflective of when our customers want us to be open,” said Ms. Dzurko.

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