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Steering Committee and Focus Groups

  • A community led Steering Committee comprised of Community members, Agency representatives, Council and City staff has been formed to guide the overall development of the ICSP.
  • Focus Groups are also forming to provide a more detailed review of the facets that will make up the ICSP. These areas include Water, Agriculture, Natural Systems, Resource Consumption, Human Health and Education, our Local Economy, and our Culture and Heritage.
  • More details on these focus areas can be found here: (PDF) (Word)
  • Steering Committee and Focus Groups roles and responsibilities can be found here:
    • ICSP Steering Committee Responsibilities (PDF) (Word)
    • Focus Group Responsibilities (PDF) (Word)

Why Our Kawartha Lakes?

  • The province has estimated that the population of the City will grow to over 100,000 people by the year 2031. There are concerns that this projected growth may have implications on the current environmental, economic, social and cultural facets of the community. Furthermore, the City wants to ensure that future growth is managed and developed in a sustainable manner that ensures the integrity of the community for future generations. Accordingly, the City has initiated the preparation of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).

What Our Kawartha Lakes will do for the City and its residents

  • This ICSP will identify a path forward for a ‘sustainable community’ and identify and close gaps in the existing policy framework to achieve the vision and goals that will be developed in the Plan. The ICSP will ultimately develop a results oriented program (a Local Action Plan) that will identify various projects and further policy initiatives that implement the ICSP directions. The IBI Consulting Group has been retained to assist staff in the development of this project.

What is Sustainability Exactly?

  • Brundtland Commission definition: “Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”
  • Our Kawartha Lakes Sustainability Commitment Integrates – economic, environmental, social and financial considerations into planning and action to produce a long term sustainable framework for our community.

Sustainability Charter

  • Our project Charter (PDF) is an important statement describing the intent and outcome of the “Our Kawartha Lakes” ICSP Project

Final products

It is intended that the ICSP Document will:

  • clearly identify the sustainability issues facing Kawartha Lakes based on the four sustainability pillars of economic, environmental, social, and cultural aspects;
  • be premised on an understanding of baseline information regarding sustainability issues and existing policy weaknesses (gap analysis);
  • challenge key community stakeholders to envision what they want Kawartha Lakes to look like in the future (visioning) and to move backwards to achieve this vision (back-casting) by identifying sustainability challenges, problems, and opportunities;
  • be principled based, not scenario based, in that it operates from a clearly defined set of goals and objectives; and
  • establish clear community driven policies and priorities that will inform the Local Action Plan.

The Local Action Plan (LAP) will:

  • enact  Kawartha Lake’s sustainability principles as developed through the ICSP exercise.
  • translate the issues and goals identified into the ICSP into actions;
  • provide project specific goals, objectives, actions and progress indicators that use measurable data, performance targets and short, medium, and long term timeframes and milestones; and
  • include a roadmap for implementation, communication, and proposes a community engagement strategy.

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