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City to begin 2015 mechanical brushing program

June 19, 2015 - Beginning Monday, June 22, the City’s Public Works Road Maintenance Division will begin a comprehensive mechanical brushing campaign across the entire municipality.

Mechanical brushing is a key activity for ensuring road safety, road life expectancy and road quality by controlling excessive brush and vegetation. It is also a critical program for improving access by emergency vehicles including fire and ambulance to roads and laneways across the City.

“It also improves the roads safety in winter months allowing the sun access to the roads surface which aids in the melting of ice and snow,” said Rod Porter, Maintenance East Area Manager.

Removing brush improves sight lines at driveways, intersections and the roads visibility in general improving the roads overall safety for motorists.

Mechanical brushing is the most effective way of completing roadside brushing and enables the municipality to complete as much brushing as possible in a fiscally responsible manner. Though the end result may look initially untidy, once new growth begins the roadside aesthetics is greatly improved.

This is part of a multiple year drainage improvement plan with the first step being brushing, brush removal and tree removal followed by ditching in subsequent years.


For more information please contact:

Rod Porter                                                                 Nate Boudens

Manager of Maintenance East Area                   Manager of Maintenance West Area

705-738-2363                                                           705-454-3322               

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