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Council approves peer review of Fire Station Location Study

April 6, 2016 - Yesterday Council directed the CAO to initiate a process for the City to engage an independent third party consultant to review the Fire Station Location Study.

The process leading to the decision to consolidate the Baddow Fire Station into existing stations and the future consolidation of the Oakwood and Little Britain Stations has undergone a series of studies and approvals, including an in-house station location study with the assistance of a third party consultant, Apex Pro Consultants and D. Wayne Gould Consulting Services in 2015.

In order to validate the consolidation recommendation, Council approved a peer review to assess:

  • The Fire Master Plan and Fire Station Location Study to validate the approaches implemented through these supporting studies;
  • Recommend consolidations proposed and the resultant 19 fire station locations to confirm city-wide conformity to NFPA 1720 standards;
  • Projected City growth data to 2041 and fluctuating seasonal populations, and validate service level considering the resultant station locations; and
  • The data and methodology in the Fire Station Location Study, including but not limited to, response times and incidents reported.

The peer review is expected to be completed by the end of June.

This decision from Council follows ongoing public input and concerns expressed about the validity and scope of the supporting studies.

“The peer review provides another opportunity for Council and staff to be crystal clear on the accuracy and implications of the data in order to continue to make decisions on this important matter with confidence. This is a good and responsible decision by your Council,” comments Mayor Andy Letham.

The Fire Station Location Study and supporting documents are available on the City’s web site under Core Service Review (scroll down to November 10, 2015) or visit this link


For more information please contact:

Ron Taylor
705-354-9411 extension 1296

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