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Council passes by-law to create new ward boundary system in Kawartha Lakes

March 22, 2017 - At the March 21 Council meeting, Council passed By-Law 2017-053 to decrease the municipality's wards from 16 to 8. This follows Council's decision in October of last year to reduce the size of Council from 16 Councillors and a Mayor to 8 Councillors and a Mayor. Changes will take effect in the 2018 election.

"I'm pleased with Council's decision to create 8 wards served by 8 councillors. This model gives fair representation to all residents. It also respects the existing communities and local tourism areas. It's a smart step forward in this exciting time of shaping and growing Kawartha Lakes," commented Mayor Andy Letham.

The decision was made based on public consultation, a staff report and an independent review of the report. The ward boundary review was directed by the following 4 guiding principles:

1. Representation by population
2. Communities of interest (areas with common interests such as agriculture, tourism, seasonal and commerce)
3. Physical features as boundaries (rivers, lakes and major highways)
4. Effective representation (serving the interests of the City as a whole)

Highlights of the new boundaries include:

  • Ward 1 keeps the north area together to support tourism and seasonal interests and includes Norland, Coboconk, and Kirkfield.
  • Ward 2 encompasses the north east section of the municipality and includes the entire Bobcaygeon area and Kinmount.
  • Ward 3 keeps Fenelon Falls and Sturgeon Point together and the central lakes.
  • Ward 4 is mainly agricultural with the urban areas of Oakwood, Little Britain and Woodville.
  • Ward 5 includes the north part of Lindsay and surrounding rural area.
  • Ward 6 encompasses the south east section of the municipality and the entire Omemee area.
  • Ward 7 includes the south part of Lindsay and the surrounding rural area.
  • Ward 8 includes the most southerly portion of the City south of the Pigeon River and includes Janetville, Pontypool and Bethany supported by rural areas.

Physical features that were used to create boundaries were Balsam Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Pigeon Lakes and Pigeon River.

Ward sizes range from 9,450 to 12,852 residents, with all wards providing fair representation by population. The Wards include urban areas that support the surrounding rural area. The previously split urban areas of Bobcaygeon and Omemee have not been separated.

The new boundaries can be viewed on a large wall map at the reception area of City Hall, or viewed on the City's website under Core Service Review or by following this link Background reports and additional information are also available online.


For further information, please contact:

Cheri Davidson
Manager of Communications, Advertising and Marketing
705-324-9411 extension 1355

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