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Council requests options to reduce the City operating budget by $2.5 million

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July 14, 2016 - At the July 12 Council meeting, Council approved the motion by Mayor Andy Letham that directs CAO Ron Taylor to provide decision units in the draft 2017 operating budget that would result in a $2.5 million net decrease to the operating budget from 2016 operating budget expenses. The reduction recommendations are to come with minimal disruption to existing service levels.

The total City operating budget is approximately $150 million.  About one third of the operating budget, $50 million, is dedicated to staff payroll and benefits. “We are in the service industry, and it is our people who manage and deliver our needed local services,” comments Taylor. “We will review all areas of our operating budgets and recommend where deeper cuts can be made, and that will be Council’s decision later this year.”

Also at today’s meeting, Taylor provided an overview of efforts at the administrative level to reduce costs while reviewing the way the City delivers core services.

“We have shifted our way of doing business to critically review programs, services and processes, and have made necessary changes to find savings in our operations. The City’s administration continues to be committed to this goal.”  The City is continually reviewing revenues, fees and funding opportunities with the goal of stabilizing budgets while maintaining and enhancing the delivery of core services and programs.

“In future, we are striving to stabilize budgets to ensure that tax increases are in line with the cost of living, while improving our needed programs and services,” states Taylor.


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