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Council votes not to expand existing Omemee water supply

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October 27, 2015 - OMEMEE – Through a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process, including extensive public consultation, Kawartha Lakes Council has voted to support the wishes of Omemee residents in maintaining the status quo on the existing water system.

Currently only 12 percent, or 70 residential homes, is serviced by the Victoria Glen Water Treatment Plant. The remaining population of approximately 1,200 receive their water supply from private wells.

“Any option to put all homes and businesses in Omemee on a communal municipal water supply system would be extremely cost prohibitive,” explained acting Director of Public Works Bryan Robinson. “Council recognized the financial challenges the options would pose to residents and has voted to maintain the status quo with the existing plant capacity.”

An environmental assessment highlighted a number of alternatives but the end result was solutions that would have cost Omemee residents in excess of $20,000 each to implement.

From a growth perspective, non-municipal drinking water systems could be considered as an alternative approach.

“If an individual or developer wanted to look at a non-municipal drinking water system they would need to complete all of the studies, design, own and operate the system,” said Mr. Robinson. “It puts the onus and responsibility on the owner and takes the financial burden of a municipal water system off the backs of users and ratepayers.”


For more information please contact:

Bryan Robinson
Acting Director of Public Works
705-324-9411 Ext. 1143

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