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Fenelon Landfill Pollinator Project great news for the environment

September 28, 2015 - A six hectare parcel of decommissioned land at the Fenelon landfill will be repurposed to become a positive source of habitat and food for wild bees and butterflies.

The Fenelon Landfill Pollination Project is the result of City staff along with the City of Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee’s (CKLEAC) efforts to contribute to pollinator conservation as reports of declining wild pollinator populations have been surfacing in the news.

“In the fall of 2014, it came to our committee’s attention that a six hectare cell at the Fenelon landfill was to be decommissioned. This meant it would be covered with clay and topsoil and a vegetative cover would be planted to prevent erosion,” explained CKLEAC member Susan Blayney.

That realization resulted in the fundamental question of whether pollinator-friendly plants could be used as part of the vegetative cover.

“Everyone was inspired by the notion that a landfill could be repurposed to have a positive impact,” said Ms. Blayney. “The go-ahead was given to find an appropriate seed mix that is compatible with the City’s Waste Management Division’s operations at the Fenelon landfill site.”

Over the winter of 2014/15 a seed mix was sourced from Pickseed Canada Inc., and approved by Susan Chan, a pollination expert on faculty at Fleming College in Lindsay.

Seeding of the pollinator mix has been scheduled for the fall of 2015 during regular site maintenance.


For more information please contact:

Susan Blayney

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