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Flying Lanterns pose significant fire hazard

July 14, 2015 - While the effect may be visually stunning the City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service would like to remind residents and businesses of the significant fire hazard posed by Flying Lanterns, also known as the Sky Lantern.

“Flying Lanterns aren’t a new issue in Kawartha Lakes but we have been receiving more and more complaints of late,” explained Fire Rescue Service Chief Mark Pankhurst. “People need to understand the very real fire risks associated with the lanterns.”

Resembling a small hot-air balloon, Flying Lanterns are fuelled by open flame and when released the lantern can be lifted to extreme heights, allowing it to drift for long distances until the fuel is depleted.

“Flying Lanterns make look visually impressive when released but there is no way to control their flight path and there is no telling where they could land,” said Chief Pankhurst. “If the lanterns land in trees, rooftops or buildings there is a very real possibility of fires resulting.”

As a result of the concerns the Office of the Fire Marshall has issued in the past public information notices cautioning about the potential fire hazards associated with the Flying Lantern and to encourage retailers who sell this product to remove it from their store shelves.

“Nothing has changed,” said Chief Pankhurst. “Flying Lanterns continue to pose a significant fire and safety risk and we would like to strongly urge any retailers in Kawartha Lakes to discontinue stocking these items and would further ask the public not to use them.”


For more information please contact:

Ron Woolfrey
Fire Prevention Inspector
705-324-5731 Ext. 586

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