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Illegal dumping impacts all City residents

December 18, 2015 - City officials are hoping anyone with information regarding illegal dumping activities within the City will come forward and share what they know with authorities. The City was recently made aware of an incident on Wild Turkey Road South in Manvers Township which is an unassumed road allowance.

“Illegal dumping like what we have seen on Wild Turkey Road impacts all of us,” said Director of Public Works Bryan Robinson. “All taxpayers ultimately end up paying for the clean-up, there are potential environmental concerns and it portrays a negative image on our community.”

If you see illegal roadside dumping taking place, please write down the vehicle license plate number, vehicle description, and location of the offence and contact the City’s Municipal Law Enforcement Office.

The Provincial Environmental Protection Act allows for fines of up to $5000 for a first-time conviction.

“Staff and volunteers through numerous groups and organizations spend a great deal of time ensuring roadside garbage is picked up and visitors to the area have a great first impression,” said Mr. Robinson. “When people see this type of illegal dumping it has a very negative impact.”

The Municipal Law Enforcement Administration is located on the first floor of 180 Kent Street West in Lindsay and can be reached by calling (705) 324-9411 Ext 1212 or
1-888-822-2225 Ext 1212 during normal business hours. Complaints can also be filed at any of the Municipal Service Centres or at


For more information please contact:

John Chambers
Communications Officer
705-324-9411 Ext. 1355

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