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Kawartha Lakes firefighters recognized for 25-55 years of service

April 7, 2017 - On March 29, 2016, the Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management Ontario, Ross Nicols attended the 494th Long Service Medal Investiture ceremony at the Lindsay Golf and Country Club. The event recognized Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue staff and volunteers for their long service. Neighbouring Fire Services from the City of Peterborough and Peterborough County were also recognized.

“In total, 1170 years of service have been offered by members of our Fire Service. What I most appreciate about the Long Service recognition is that volunteer firefighters and career firefighters are acknowledged in the same way,” commented Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst.

What is equally important is that the significant others of the recipients also received a beautiful trillium broach from the Province in recognition of the support they have given over many years. “Significant others play a huge role by being there when the firefighters are called to duty and when they come home. It is fitting that they are recognized as well,” said Fire Chief Mark Pankhurst.

Chief Pankhurst also recognized and thanked Mr. Nicols for his service as the Fire Marshal of Ontario. Nichols was born and raised in Lindsay. He has been seconded from the OPP as the Fire Marshal for the past couple of years and he will be returning back to the OPP in the next few months.

Those recognized include:

Name                         Years             Name                         Years

Stephen Jordan       25                    Paul Lindquist           30

Paul Weaver             25                    Donald Logan           30

Thomas Allen           25                    David Magee             25

John Pearson           25                    Fritz Mattern              25

Michael Hannon      25                    Eric Mohr                   30

Scott Stephens        25                    Mark Pankhurst        25

Brian Junkin             25                    John Pearce             25

Ron Miller                  25                    Ron Raymer              25

Wayne Moore           25                    Mike Smith                30

Shaun Thurston       25                    Randy Weatherall    25

Peter Vanderzwet    25                    Dwayne Medd          30

Ronald  Woolfrey     25                    Tim Dier                     35

Paul Atkinson           25                    Edgar Fildey             40

Richard Bossema    25                    Frank Spry                 40

Tim Brasier                25                    Bruce Douglas         40

Greg Cooke              25                    Don Barber                40

Shawn Farr               25                    Derrick DeCarle       35

Glenn Imrie               25                    Donald James          40

Kelly Kimble              25                    Gerald Rintoul          45

David Kish                 25                    John Bailey               55

Fire Long Service Ceremony

Back row: Kelly Kimble, Don James, Tim Brasier, Don Logan, Gerald

Rintoul, Fritz Mattern

Middle row: Greg Cooke, Dwayne Medd, Paul Atkinson, Mike Smith, J.Dave Magee, Glen Imrie, Eric Mohr, Donavan Barber, Mark Pankhurst

Seated: Randy Weatherall, Shawn Farr, David Kish, Ron Raymer, Jack (John) Pearce


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