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Mayor Letham Statement on the 2015 Federal and Provincial Budget

April 24, 2015 - In watching this week’s Federal and Provincial budgets unfold, it seems apparent at a surface glance the emphasis from both levels is on larger urban centres, and in the case of Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area.

Both budgets have focused on investing in infrastructure, and we certainly welcome any dollars we can get to assist in improving roads, bridges, water and sewer here in Kawartha Lakes.

We don’t yet know whether the City will receive any of the allocated funds or what any federal or provincial programs will look like.

We do know another reduction in the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF) will hurt a number of municipalities, including Kawartha Lakes, as we are forced to find new and innovative revenue streams or cut costs.

We will continue to look forward to additional details on both budgets as they become available over the next several months.

More than ever it is clear the decision to undertake an organization-wide Core Service Review in Kawartha Lakes is not only the right thing, but the necessary thing to do as well.

This budget has made it clear that our viability, sustainability and future success is dependent on one thing and one thing only – our own resolve.

We will continue to push forward and work towards building a better Kawartha Lakes; a Kawartha Lakes that respects its residents, understands our residents’ financial realities, and delivers the services our residents and businesses need and can afford.

We will continue to fight for a fair distribution of resources from other levels of government, but we will not wait hat in hand. We will move forward now, together, for our benefit and the benefit of all that call Kawartha Lakes home.

Andy Letham


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