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Municipal Drainage

An existing Municipal Drain Channel     A recently clean out Municipal Drain Channel     A newly constructed Municipal Drain Bridge


Municipal Drains are a critical part of our infrastructure, primarily located in rural agricultural areas of the City. These drains are constructed and maintained to improve the drainage of land and serve as a discharge point for private agricultural drainage system. Municipal Drains are implemented by the process outlined in the Ontario Drainage Act.


Province of Ontario - The Drainage Act

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMFRA)
Fact Sheet Titled “So, What’s a Municipal Drain?”

OMAFRA Fact Sheet Titled Top 10 Common Law Drainage Problems Between Rural Neighbours”

OMAFRA Fact Sheet Titled “Common Law Aspects of Water

Green Belt Project

The City of Kawartha Lakes has undertaken a Lean Six Sigma initiative in order to improve processes. Under this program, the Engineering Division – Municipal Drainage Department, undertook a project to inventory the City’s Municipal Drains and to standardize processes, procedures and templates for Municipal Drain Maintenance Works.

The following are the deliverables from this green belt project:

Municipal Drain Inventory

I1         1.  Municipal Drain Status (2014) (PDF)

Municipal Drainage Section (MDS) Mapping

MDS1  1.  North West/Central West/South West (Operating Areas) (PDF)

MDS2  2.  South East/South Central/Central Central/Central East (Operating Areas) (PDF)


P1        1.  Procedure to Check and Update Municipal Drain Assessment Schedule (PDF)

P2        2.  Procedure for Contract Administration and Inspection for Drain Cleanout Work (PDF)

P3        3.  Maintenance Process and Billing (PDF)


T1        1.  Notice for Entry Re Drain Inspection (PDF)

T2        2.  Drain Inspection (PDF)

T3        3.  Notice for Drain Cleanout – Drain # _____ (PDF)

T4        4.  Request for Quotation for Municipal Drain Maintenance Work (PDF)

T5        5.  Invitation to Bid for Drain Cleanout (PDF)

T6        6.  Notification of Quotation Results for Drain Cleanout (PDF)

T7        7.  Notice of Award for Drain Cleanout (PDF)

T8        8.  Pre-Construction Meeting Minutes (PDF)


Drainage Superintendent Procedure for Maintenance, Repair and Improvement Projects (PDF)

Municipal Drain Appeal Process

The Drainage Act provides three bodies to which a landowner may appeal when a drainage works is being proposed or improved. The appeal bodies are:

  • the Court of Revision,
  • the Ontario Drainage Tribunal and
  • the Drainage Referee.

Municipal Drain Time Line Chart from an engineering drainage report to construction (PDF)

OMAFRA Fact Sheet – Drainage Act Appeals (PDF)

Summary of the three appeal bodies and list of:

  • Grounds for appeals,
  • Who can appeal,
  • Time line for appeals,
  • Identification of appeal body

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