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TAPP C Program - Arson Awareness

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Who would benefit?

  • A child who is curious about fire may be any age.
  • A child who misuses fire may be anyone’s child.

TAPP C is an effective intervention program for children who have shown any type of fire setting or fire play behavior.

Program is designed to provide inter-agency communication and support to improve services to children who use fire as an outlet to cover-up problems that they may be experiencing regarding unsafe fire behaviors. Second, the Fire Setter Intervention Program provides insight into this problem and the simple steps that can be taken by the community to resolve it through community education.


  • If your child has shown an interest or curiosity about fire, they need education about fire safety.
  • If your child has played with, or set a fire, they need education about fire safety.
  • Please don't think the behavior will "go away" or he or she will "grow out of it". Even if your child started a fire and feels very badly about it, his chances of using or playing with fire again may be very high.

It is estimated that up to 80% of children who start a fire, even accidentally, will use fire again if they do not receive education from a fire educator and neural health agency.


The City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Department, offers a free, confidential education program for children who show curiosity about fire or have started a fire. The TAPP-C program engages children’s interest and is informative for parents. The program involves an assessment of the child’s risk for using fire, fun age-appropriate activities that help the child learn about being safe around fire, and information for parents on how to keep their whole family safe. For those children who would benefit from additional help, referrals are available for behavioral health services.

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