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Information for Child Care Agencies

Wage Enhancement Grant/Home Child Care Enhancement Grant - Funded by the Government of Ontario

2016 Application Process:

The Children’s Services Division, as the Consolidated Municipal Service Manager, is the administrator of Provincial Wage Enhancement for all licensed child care in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

In 2016, operators will need to apply to receive the full Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG) entitlement of up to $2 per hour plus 17.5% benefits, or up to $20 per day for the Home Child Care Enhancement (HCCEG).  If an operator applied in 2015, they will need to apply again in 2016 for all positions or providers that would be eligible for WEG/HCCEG.

In year two, operators should enter total hours worked in 2015 for each eligible position, including overtime hours.  Please note the base hourly wage rate or home child care provider fees entered in the application form should exclude year one's WEG/HCCEG amount.

Beginning today, the application will remain posted to the City of Kawartha Lake’s webpage for a period of 45 calendar days, with a closing date of March 31, 2016.  Any operator that has not submitted an application for the WEG/HCCEG by the deadline date will not be allocated WEG/HCCEG funding in 2016.  Operators who miss the application deadline may apply for funding in 2017.

Operators must complete one application per child care centre/site and submit the application. The application is formatted as an excel workbook and must be submitted electronically to:


Must be submitted no later than March 31, 2016

2016 WE Application City of Kawartha Lakes (Centre Based) (Excel)

2016 WE Application City of Kawartha Lakes (Home Child Care Providers) (Excel)

More Information:

2016 Wage Enhancement  Q and A (PDF)

Information for Licensed Child Care Programs (PDF)

Information for Licensed Home Providers (PDF)

Further information on WEG/HCCEG and this application process should be directed to Anne Kuipers at 705-324-9870 ext. 3254 or email

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