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Ontario Works

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Social assistance is now delivered under the authority of the Ontario Works Act. Often referred to overall as “Ontario Works”, social assistance has two main components, Employment Services and Income Services. The goal of the program is to provide: A simplified, streamlined system that treats our most vulnerable with fairness and dignity, and provides effective, integrated employment supports to help them prepare for, find and keep jobs.
Employment Services
The primary focus of Social Services is assisting recipients to obtain and maintain employment. The Employment Services staff work with all participants to place them in the most appropriate employment related activity. Some people may not be able to participate in all programs if they have health limitations or preschool children at home. Temporary deferrals from participation will be provided where appropriate.
Income Support
Basic financial assistance is provided to eligible residents through the Income Services Division. This normally consists of a basic monthly allowance as well as a shelter allowance. The amount of assistance issued is dependent on a number of factors, including family size, the type of accommodations you have and your shelter costs. Eligibility for financial assistance is based primarily on your income, assets and living arrangements.
Support Services
Information on Appeals, Consolidated Verification Program, Eligibility Review Program, Family Support Program and the Ontario Disability Support Program.

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