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Income Support

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Basic financial assistance is provided to eligible residents through the Income Services Division. This normally consists of a basic monthly allowance as well as a shelter allowance. The amount of assistance issued is dependent on a number of factors, including family size, the type of accommodations you have and your shelter costs. Eligibility for financial assistance is based primarily on your income, assets and living arrangements.

There are a number of supplementary mandatory and discretionary benefits that may be available to you as well.

Mandatory benefits include prescription drug benefits, dental and vision care for dependent children, diabetic supplies, surgical supplies and medical transportation costs. 

Discretionary Benefits may include items such as dental and vision care for adults, assistance with rental or utility arrears, health related necessities, supplies for new babies and other necessary items.  Coverage for items and services may vary based on municipality and changes to local policies.  Contact your Caseworker or our office for information regarding eligibility. 

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