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Support Services

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Information on Appeals, Consolidated Verification Program, Eligibility Review Program, Family Support Program and the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Appeals: If a decision is made by the department to deny assistance or a mandatory benefit, the participant or applicant will be notified in writing of the reason and will be given an opportunity to have the decision reviewed. This review, called an Internal Review, is conducted by a different staff person than the one who made the decision. A written decision from the review will be issued. If the result of the Internal Review is not satisfactory to the participant, there is then a formal appeal process to the Social Benefits Tribunal. The local Community Legal Clinic can provide advice or assistance with the appeal process. Call 705-324-2247 or 1-800-461-8953.

Consolidated Verification Program: This program, also known as EVP, conducts regular reviews of social assistance cases.  Files are normally reviewed at least once every 12 months.  This may require an in-person interview to ensure that all information and documentation on file is up to date and accurate.  In some cases, the information may also be updated by telephone. 

Eligibility Review Program: This program has an accountability function and is responsible for reviewing allegations of inappropriate claims. A review could result in no change to the amount of assistance being issued, a change in the amount of assistance or a referral for a police investigation.

Family Support Program: Family Support Workers work with participants to pursue child support from absent parents who are not paying child support. Where existing support agreements are in place, a regular review of the amount is required to ensure that it is appropriate.

Ontario Disability Support Program: ODSP is a provincially administered program that provides funding to individuals who are disabled. Applicants requiring assistance under ODSP normally apply through Social Services first as it can take many months to determine eligibility for ODSP.

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