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Financially Assisted Housing Programs

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The City administers different types of financially assisted housing programs.  The application defines the programs offered in specific buildings.

Rent Geared to Income:

Rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance is financial assistance provided to eligible households under legislated eligibility requirements to reduce the amount the household must otherwise pay to occupy a unit in a housing project. Rent-geared-to-income is based on 30% of a household’s gross monthly income, or if the household is receiving assistance from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, a social assistance rent scale is applied. Additional charges may apply depending on the project, i.e. utilities, parking, laundry, etc.

Rent Supplement:

Rent supplement is based on RGI assistance as outlined above.  These units are within private landlord buildings.  The City determines a market rent for these units.  The household would pay the landlord the amount calculated as above and the City pays the landlord the difference between that amount and the market rent.

Affordable Housing:

Affordable housing units do not have RGI financial assistance.  The units are offered at a reduced rent that is based on 80% of what the average market rent for the area would be.  These rents are inclusive of utilities but may have additional charges for parking, laundry, etc depending on the project.

Housing Allowance:

In some affordable housing units a housing allowance is available.  This is not available in all units and is often times not known until after the household accepts the unit or has been housed. This amount is calculated based on the household’s gross monthly income or if the household is receiving assistance from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program it is based on the shelter component of their assistance.  The household would pay the landlord the new rent amount calculated when this allowance is calculated. The City would pay the allowance portion to the landlord.  The number of housing allowances in the building and the maximum amount of the housing allowance are both predetermined.

Market Rent

Market rent units are available in some of the buildings.  They are administered directly by the housing provider.  You should contact the housing provider for the building directly.  Market units are not offered through the City’s centralized waiting list or application and are not subject to the rules the above mentioned programs which offer financial assistance are.

How do I apply for a financially assisted housing unit?

These are the steps that you must follow in order to apply:

Obtain a standard application form for assistance from the City’s Housing Department, this website or at any of the Housing Provider locations.

Ensure that the standard application for assistance is complete. Read the instructions in the application guide carefully and if you have any questions or need assistance, please call, email or visit the City’s Housing Department.

Ensure that both the consent and declaration in the application are signed by each member of your household listed in the application form 16 years or older.

Submit your application form and all appropriate supporting documents to the City’s Housing Department or any Housing Provider. Housing providers will ensure your application is forwarded to the City’s Housing Department in order to have your eligibly assessed.

Am I eligible for a financially assisted housing unit?

Applicants must be Canadian citizens  OR  have (or applied for) Permanent Resident Status in Canada,  OR  be a Refugee Claimant

At least one member of the household must be 16 years or older.

No one listed on the Application owes other housing provider arrears of rent or damages. Satisfactory arrangements for repayment must be made prior to being placed on the waiting list.

No one listed on the Application has been convicted (within the last two years) of a crime under the Criminal Code in regards to receipt of Rental Assistance.

Your Household’s Income cannot be greater than the Provincial Household Income Limits.

Homeowners must agree in writing to sell their property within six months of accepting housing.

Applicants must be able to live independently or demonstrate that support services will be provided. “an individual is able to live independently if he or she can carry out the normal essential activities of day-to-day living, either on his or her own or with the aid of support services that the individual demonstrates will be provided when required..” O.Reg. 367 Section 24 (2)

What are my obligations as an applicant seeking financially assisted housing?

As an applicant for seeking assistance, you are required to keep your file updated in order to be on the centralized waiting list and maintain your eligibility status file. It is your responsibility to notify the City’s Housing Department of any changes in information or documents you previously submitted to the City. The minimum reporting time is thirty (30) business days.

You must notify housing of the following:

  • Your address changes
  • Your phone number
  • Any information on your application that changes

Are there any special circumstances to be considered?

In most cases applicants are added to the regular centralized waiting list in accordance with the selections made within the application.  The applicant is added to the list using their application date meaning that the household that has waited longest is the next to be offered the unit.

There are some exceptions.

Victims of Domestic Violence can apply for “Special Priority Status” by completing the additional application package called Request for Special Priority.

Individuals who need units which are barrier free or individuals who require support services to live independently can apply for “Special Needs Priority” by completing the additional application package called Request for Special Needs Priority.

When will I get housed?

Once the City receives a complete application it will be reviewed to determine if you are eligible.  Once this review is complete you will be informed of our decision within 30 days with a letter.

There is no way to predict how long you will be on the waiting list.  There is no emergency housing so it may take up to several years before you are offered a place to live.  The wait depends on where you want to live and how many people move out of that building.  The priorities identified above will be housed first.

It is important that you tell us as soon as possible if anything changes.  It is your responsibility to keep your application current.  Especially ensure that you provide us with new phone numbers and addresses if they change.  In addition, each year you will receive an update package to tell us about any changes to your circumstances.  You need to respond to this package even if you don’t have changes to report. When a housing provider is ready to offer you a unit, they need to have current information so they are able to contact you.  If they can’t contact you with the information provided you may lose your chance for an offer of housing.  In addition, you may become ineligible and your name will be removed from the waiting list altogether.

When a unit does become available and you are next on the list to be offered a unit, the housing provider will contact you directly to discuss the details of the offer.  Please make sure that we have your current daytime telephone number or a number where you can receive a message or be reached.  Offers are made by telephone or email.

You will only receive an offer from the housing provider who manages the buildings you selected and you were eligible for.  You will only be able to turn down three offers before your name will be removed from the waiting list altogether.  In order to avoid unsuitable offers, you should ensure that you have only applied to buildings where you really want to live.  If for some reason you do not want to receive offers for a period of time you need to contact us to do this.

If you need to report changes you can do it in a number of ways; call the City’s Housing Office, provide it in writing either in person, by email or by regular mail or contact any of the housing providers listed in the Application Guide or on the website.

How much will I pay in rent?

The rent you pay will depend on the program type you applied for and were offered.  There are explanations of the various programs in the Application Guide or at the top of this page.  We encourage you to speak to the City’s Housing Department about these different programs to ensure that you are applying for the one that best meets your needs.

Do you have emergency housing?

No, but a number of agencies in the area are able to assist in certain situations.

  1. A Place Called Home (705) 328-0905
  2. Victoria’s Women’s Shelter (705) 878-3662
  3. The John Howard Society (705) 328-0427
  4. Y.M.C.A. Women’s Centre (Minden) 705-286-1942
  5. Haliburton Emergency Rural Safe Place: 1-800-461-7656 or 705-286-1942.

For information on services of these agencies, please call them directly.

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