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Occupancy Standards

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Determining the Size and Type of Unit:

A household is eligible to be housed in a unit of a size determined in agreement with the following principals:

  1. Individuals who are spouses of each other are given one bedroom
  2. An unattached individual who is 16 years of age or over is given one bedroom
  3. Children are given separate bedrooms.  However, children of the opposite sex or same sex may share a bedroom if the applicant desires.
  4. Bachelor units are normally given to one individual.  However, a two-person family is eligible for a bachelor unit, if the applicant requests it.
  5. A single parent is eligible for a unit in which the parent would share a bedroom with a child, if the applicant requests it.

A household is eligible to be housed in a unit type determined in agreement with the following principals:

  1. A housing project with a mandate of seniors will require at least one member of the household to be at least 60 years of age, except in the case of a modified unit which can be occupied by a person of any age with a physical disability and deemed eligible for the modifications of the unit.
  2. A housing project with a target group or with specific units within a housing project for those living with mental illness, victims of domestic violence, requiring provincially funded support services or those requiring barrier free accommodation will require at least one individual in the household to require the support or modifications associated with those target groups.

Applicants will make their housing selections identifying where they would prefer to live using the principals established for size and type in this policy. The housing application is set out in a form which will assist to guide the applicant’s selections.

The City will review the housing choices made by the applicant and in its assessment of eligibility inform the applicant of any choices they have made that are outside the requirements set out in the policy.  At the time of application, the applicant must be eligible for the size and type they are applying for.

The City will inform the applicant that, accepting a unit size that is smaller than the largest size they would qualify for, will not give them a priority when applying for a larger unit which is done through re application to the City’s Centralized Waiting List.

In some circumstances the household may requires a unit size or type that is outside the ranges. These individual special requests will be considered only at the request of the household. Each special request will be carefully assessed. The household will be asked to provide documentation to substantiate the need for this special consideration. The household will be notified whether or not they are approved.

Occupancy Standards Policy (PDF)

The following applications can be used to apply for a unit size outside the principals listed above:

  • Additional Bedroom Request - Medical Reasons (PDF) (Word)
  • Additional Bedroom Request - Caregiver (PDF) (Word)
  • Additional Bedroom Request - Care Agency (PDF) (Word)

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