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Request for Review

Request for a Review:

A household may request a review of a decision made by a Housing Provider or the City for a review of a decision made under one of the following areas:

  1. Ineligibility for rent-geared-to-income assistance
  2. The size and type of unit that a household is eligible for
  3. The household’s priority status on the waiting list(s)
  4. Amount of rent payable by the household
  5. Losing eligibility for rent-geared-to-income assistance
  6. Eligibility for special needs housing

Upon making a reviewable decision, the housing provider or the City as the case may be must issue a notice within 7 days of the decision setting out the following:

  1. Date of the decision
  2. If and how an internal review can be requested
  3. Reasons for decision
  4. Provide a copy of the Request for Review Form if the household is able to Request a Review of the decision.
  5. Stipulation that the household has 30 business days to submit a request for review

It is preferred that a Request for Review Form be completed by the household and submitted to the Housing Provider or the City, though the original written request is acceptable.

The request for review must be addressed to the City’s Manager of Housing.

The City will establish a review body made up of both City and housing provider staff.  Three members will participate in each review.  Review meetings will be scheduled for each Wednesday to ensure that reviews are heard and dealt with in a timely manner.  If there are no reviews, the meeting will be cancelled.

The City will ensure that the Designated Review Body Members participating in a Review meet the following requirements:

  1. No one who participated in the decision  may participate in the review as a member of the Designated Review Body
  2. Members of the Designated Review Body must be knowledgeable about the relevant provisions of the Act and regulations
  3. No one who discussed the decision with the decision maker(s) may participate in the review as a Designated Review Body Member, and
  4. No member of the Designated Review Body may discuss the decision with the decision maker(s) except during the course of the review.

Decisions of the Designated Review Body will be made by consensus and will be based on the following:

  1. Oral and written submissions presented by the household and those involved in making the original decision
  2. Legislative requirements
  3. City of Kawartha Lakes Policies and Procedures
  4. Precedents set by earlier decisions of the Designated Review Bodies

The Designated Review Body may uphold or overturn the original decision and substitute its decision.

The date on which a decision is effective shall be:

  1. The later of the day specified by the Designated Review Body and the day immediately after the last day for requesting a review.
  2. Tenants who are no longer eligible for Rent -Geared -to Income Assistance (RGI) must receive 90 days’ notice of a rent increase.
  3. With regards to the amount of rent payable by a household when the household begins to receive RGI assistance for a unit is effective on the day specified by the City.

Decisions of the Designated Review Body are final and not subject to appeal.

The Designated Review Body shall give its Notice of Decision and reasons in writing within five (5) business days for SPP households and within ten (10) business days for a regular household.


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