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Special Priority Household

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  • Request for Special Priority (PDF)
  • Policy - C-177-SS-045 - Housing Special Priority Policy (PDF)

What are the requirements to be included in the special priority household category?

Any member of a household who is 16 years or older may make a request for special priority status. A request for special priority status may be made only where a member of the household has been subject to abuse from someone that they are or have been living with, or from someone who has sponsored them as an immigrant, and the household member intends to live permanently apart form the abuser. The request must include statements declaring that these three criteria are met.

  • Any member of the household who is subject to abuse from another individual of the same household may apply for special priority status
  • The request must be in writing and must state that the member of the household has been the victim of abuse from another individual and indicate whether the abusing individual is or was living with the abused individual, or was sponsoring him/her as an immigrant
  • A standard Request for Special Priority Household Category with supporting information and documentation for verification purposes must be completed by a Community Service Professional such as Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Social Service Worker, etc.
  • If the abusing individual no longer lives in household, the request for special priority status should be made within 3 months of separation
  • If the abusing individual believes that they will be at risk if he/she obtains supporting information or documentation to further their request, The City of Kawartha Lakes has determined that it may waive certain eligibility criteria until a later date
  • You intend to live permanently apart from the abusing individual
  • Indicate an appropriate way to communicate with you or a person acting on your behalf with respect to your request. This is to protect confidentiality and your safety


  • To complete and sign the Request and the Consent to Disclose Form
  • All documents that verify your statements are signed and included
  • If the abused individual is under 16 years old or is unable to sign the request and consent, please have a parent, guardian, attorney or authorized person sign on their behalf

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