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Personal Training & Fitness Consulting

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Feeling stuck in your workout routine? Not getting the results you're looking for? Not sure if you're working out properly? Just need a little motivation?

We have qualified Personal Trainers on staff who can help get you back on track to attaining your goals. One session is just $31.50 or a package of 10 is $283.50.

Semi-Private Personal Training Rates - NEW!

Always thought you'd like a trainer but didn't want to do it alone? Semi-private personal training rates are now available. A great way to get some professional guidance, and share the experience and cost at the same time. Sessions are offered to workout pairs; two people at a time only. Participants should have similar goals and fitness levels as they will be working from the same program. Call for rates and to book your trainer.

705-324-9411 extension 1555

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