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Forestry Frequently Asked Questions

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A line of trees with yellow leaves.

The City of Kawartha Lakes is home to over 9,700 acres of natural woodland, which offers multiple leisure opportunities for its community residents.

Maintaining a healthy, sustainable urban forest is very important to the health and beautification of our City. Urban forestry includes the planting of new trees, pruning of existing trees, removal of declining unsafe trees, stump removal and pest management.

In 2003 the City implemented a Forest Management Plan to ensure these activities take place in order to sustain a long-term health and resident enjoyment of municipally owned forests. Through careful development, maintenance and protection, the Parks, Recreation and Culture Division strives to ensure that public open spaces are a source of enjoyment for all, now and into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to have my boulevard tree pruned.

Contact Park, Recreation and Culture services at 705-324-9411 ext 1182 where staff will take the necessary information and answer your questions. Forestry staff investigates all pruning requests and work is completed on the following:

  • remove dead or otherwise structurally weak limbs in order to maintain a safe environment for the public;.
  • ensure visibility for traffic signage and provide required vehicle and pedestrian clearance; and/or
  • address tree related concerns of adjacent landowners by lifting, thinning, or cutting back City owned trees as necessary.

Pruning shall be completed in a professional manner as established by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Can I prune my boulevard tree?

The public, unless authorized by the Parks Supervisor, is not permitted to prune or otherwise alter in any way a City owned tree.

I called in a while ago to have my tree pruned and no one has come out to do the work?

Tree maintenance at times will take anywhere from a few days to six months to complete. Sites are inspected within a few days of the call and work is completed based on priority. Priorities would be anything that is a danger to the public. Other requests are completed on a first-come basis and completed according to equipment and manpower availability.

Tree branches have grown up and around the hydro wires, who do I call.

Contact Park, Recreation and Culture Services at 705-324-9411 ext 1182. Your request will be noted and the site will be inspected to determine what action is required

Tree Removal

I want my tree removed.

Trees will only be removed if they are dead or pose a danger to the public.

When will the stump from my tree removal be taken out?

Stump removals take place 2/3 times a year. Once there are a number of sites on our list we will remove the stumps accordingly.

Tree Planting Requests

I would like a tree planted on my boulevard.

Contact Park, Recreation and Culture services at 705-324-9411 ext 1182. Your request will be noted and the site will be inspected to ensure the property meets the necessary criteria. Your name and address will be put in our database for consideration in the following year's tree planting program.

What are the criteria for having a tree planted?

The City abides by policy from ISA Urban Forestry, Municipal Survey's and Department Practices. There are certain guidelines to follow when planting near/within intersections, driveways, street lights, fire hydrants, communication box, underground vaults, overhead wires, curbs & sidewalks.

When will the tree be replaced that was removed from my boulevard?

Trees that are removed will most likely be replaced the following year.

When do you plant?

  • Spring planting occurs between April 15 and June 10.
  • Fall planting occurs between October 15 and until freeze up.
  • New tree planting in new subdivisions occurs in the fall.


How do I know if my tree is located on my property or City property?

Review your home survey that shows property lines. As a general rule city trees are planted within 2 metres of the curb or 1.5 metres from the sidewalk on the boulevard side. Please contact Parks, Recreation and Culture services at 324 9411 ext 1182 if you cannot determine where the property line is.

Do I need a permit to take down a tree on my own property?

Not at this time. The website will be updated if the policy changes.

Can I have the wood when you take my tree down?


I have a new tree planted; how should I care for it?

Your new tree should be watered at least 2 times a week for the first month. Newly planted trees do not require fertilizer the first year. A topping of mulch will help maintain moisture and also acts as protection barrier from lawnmowers and weeds.

Tree roots have grown into my sewer line; what do I do?

Contact City of Kawartha Lakes at 705-324-9411.

Tree roots have grown up above the grass; I can no longer cut the grass in that area.

Park staff will do maintenance on above ground roots 2/3 times a year.

The tree in the naturalization area behind my home has fallen. Will you remove it? May I take the wood from fallen trees/branches?

Naturalized wooded areas should be left in their natural state and not manicured. The benefits of leaving woody material to decompose include habitat for organisms, recycling of nutrients and organic material, regeneration sites for plants, water reservoirs and tree roots.
Please do not remove any trees or branches from these areas.

Parks, Recreation and Culture Division
50 Wolfe St. Lindsay, Ontario K9V 2J2
705-324-9411 extension 1182

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