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Community Partnership & Development Fund

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Beautification Projects

These projects benefit the local community or city as a whole. Projects such as horticulture initiatives - gardens, hanging baskets, seasonal displays, welcome signs, decorations and banners. The community group must provide matching funds.

Culture Funding

Culture is a project or initiative which enhances the area of arts, history, and intellectual achievement. The fund is intended for cultural groups to enhance their programs and services. Organizations such as Museums, Galleries, Twinning Committees, Theatres, Artisans would be encouraged to apply.

Special Events

Any activity that is annual or a one-time occurrence and is for the purpose of a planned celebration to draw visitors as a local attraction. The maximum funding per event is $500.

The deadline is Oct. 31 annually for projects scheduled for the following calendar year.  Ie. Oct. 31, 2016 for 2017 projects.

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