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Sponsorship & Dedication Opportunities

The City of Kawartha Lakes Parks, Recreation & Culture Division’s Sponsorship and Dedication program offers a special way to memorialize a loved one and to give back to the community by enhancing the growth and beautification of local parks.

Whether it is in memory of a loved one who has passed away, in honour of a dedicated service member, to celebrate a birthday, wedding, graduation, special event, retirement or other occasion our sponsorship and dedication program offers a unique way to pay tribute and honour someone special.

There are an assortment of options available that would be suited to your interests and objectives:

Dedicate a Park Bench

A park bench encourages enjoyment of our surroundings and provides a tranquil place to stop and rest.  Many people have a favorite park or area that holds special meaning and would like to contribute to its heritage.  The dedication of a bench is a lovely idea for a memorial of a loved one, a celebration of a birth, or just to inscribe a positive message that will add to the uniqueness of our community.

Plant a Tree

Trees are not just beautiful additions to our landscape, they filter our air, reduce soil erosion and water pollution, as well as provide habitat for wildlife.  You may want to plant a tree simply for these reasons alone; but it is also a nice way to represent a birth, signify a special occasion, or dedicate to a loved one.  For whatever reason, a tree is always a beautiful addition to our community and will be enjoyed for years to come.

In our Facilities

The City’s numerous arenas, community halls; sports fields and swimming pools offer a variety of sponsorship and dedication opportunities.  Depending on your interests, gifts may include pool equipment, hockey nets, accessories, score clocks, audio-video components, security systems or other items of interest to you.


Volunteers play an important role in our community and are welcome and encouraged to offer their time and expertise in assisting with a variety of programs.  Let us know your intentions, interests and availability.

Heritage items, artifacts, City memorabilia or other property may be appropriate and would be gratefully accepted as well.

Other Options

For someone interested in contributing, there are a multitude of options available. Ideas range from sponsoring an event, to leaving a portion of your estate as a lasting memorial in your community. We would be happy to discuss particular interests and objectives to find a suitable and meaningful public expression.

Arrangements will be customized to reflect the nature of the individual or organization and comply with the City’s Sponsorship & Dedication Policy.

All contributions include a commemorative plaque to acknowledge the generosity of the patron.

Contributions are Income Tax Deductible.

To explore these opportunities and to obtain pricing contact a Community Development Coordinator at 705-324-9411 x 1306 or by email a

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