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Cycling Trails

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Victoria Rail Trail

The Victoria Rail Trail (VRTC) is an 85km rail trail with corridors linking Kinmount to Bethany, through Lindsay.

The VRTC features some off-road riding on flat grades and gentle gradients. The gravel base is well suited for mountain bikes, hybrids and even road bikes with robust tires. There are some paved portions along the trail.

Ken Reid Conservation Area

Just North of Lindsay contains 8km of challenging mountain bike trails. Riders can hone their skills on the single tract to prepare for competition.

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Somerville Tract

Somerville Tract is comprised of 3,420 hectares of mixed forest property.

The Somerville Tract offers many kilometres of double track.

The rolling cottage roads and the forest tracks of the northern part of the City are ideal for mountain bikes.

The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail

The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association worked for more than a decade to make this section of the national Trans Canada Trail a reality. The 53.8km (3m wide) trail is hard-packed limestone which provides flat level surface, ideal for a variety of trail uses. For the most part, the trail is relatively flat, with modest changes in elevation throughout its entire length. Trail users will find facilities such as benches, bicycle racks, and picnic shelters along the way.

The crushed limestone surface of the trail is ideal for hiking, walking and running, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing it is also safe for horseback riding. The trail is suitable for hybrid, cyclocross and long distance touring bikes. Enjoy this relatively flat surface free from traffic. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trail so it’s quiet and safe for all trail users.

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