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External Locate Request

Everyone is required to have underground utilities located and marked before doing any kind of digging. 

Anyone needing to request locates for underground infrastructure contact Ontario One Call.

It is important to find out what is underground before starting a project, because damaging buried utilities is dangerous. If a utility is damaged, it could be harmful for the person digging and essential services such as electricity, telephone or water could be interrupted.

When to Request Locates

It takes at least 5 business days to process a request to locate and mark City of Kawartha Lakes utilities. It is best to request a locate as far ahead of time as possible.


Homeowners require a locate before digging for any reason. For example:

  • Putting in a new pool
  • Installing a sprinkler system
  • Digging holes for a deck or fence
  • Planting a tree or creating a new garden
  • Landscaping projects


Contractors require a locate for all of the activities above and before starting projects such as:

  • Road repairs
  • Utility repairs and installations
  • Putting in or widening a driveway

How to Request Locates

City of Kawartha Lakes Owned Utilities

The City of Kawartha Lakes is now a member of Ontario One Call and all requests to find and mark CKL owned utilities are processed through them.

Contact Ontario One Call to request a locate by visiting their website, or by phone at: 1-800-400-2255.

Other Utilities

All service providers may not be members of Ontario One Call. It is your responsibility to contact other service providers if they are not yet members of Ontario One Call.


Ontario One Call is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A locate is always required before digging, even in an emergency.

An emergency is when an essential service has been interrupted and it is necessary to repair the utility and restore service to prevent or limit a public health or safety hazard.

Emergency locates can only be requested by phone at: 1-800-400-2255.

It’s the Law

Both businesses and private residents are required by law to have all underground utilities located and marked before they “disturb the ground”. Visit Ontario One Call’s Overview of Legislation  for more information.

Contractors are required to have all underground utilities located and marked by Section 228 of Ontario Regulation 213/91 – Construction Projects.

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