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Summer Road Maintenance

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The following services are typically delivered from May-October:

Grading and Shouldering: Gravel roads are graded about 4 times per year, and arterial roads are shouldered about 3 times per year.

Dust Control: Calcium Chloride is applied to gravel roads during May-June.

Patching: Hot or cold mix materials are used in patching potholes, depressions, and edges.

Weed Control: Roadside weeds like poison ivy are destroyed with spray from May-August.

Roadside Mowing: Roadside grass is cut back 6 feet from the shoulder in June.

Brushing and Ditching: These activities take place on selected lengths of roadway when needed.

Street Sweeping: Streets in urban areas are swept regularly as required.

Parking Lots: Municipal parking lots are kept swept and are painted in May-June.

Sidewalks: Sidewalks are repaired as needed until reconstruction takes place.

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