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Traffic Control and Road Safety

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Road authorities like the City of Kawartha Lakes strive to ensure traffic control devices conform to the Ontario Traffic Manual, which is a provincial publication by the Ministry of Transportation that helps guide road authorities to provide uniformity of treatment in the design, operation, and application of traffic control devices and systems throughout Ontario.

Signs: Regulatory, warning, and information signs are placed and replaced as needed throughout the year.

Signals and Streetlights: Traffic signals and streetlights are replaced as needed.  If you com across a malfunctioning set of traffic lights, be sure to treat the intersection as an all-way stop, and notify the nearest municipal service centre.

Traffic and Line Painting: Centre lines, edge lines, and turning lane lines in the municipality are painted by City crews, as well as all traffic and line painting within the Town of Lindsay.  All other traffic and line painting within the municipality is tendered out to private contractors.  Traffic and line painting usually takes place during May-June.

Guardrails and Guideposts: These traffic delineators are placed and replaced by City crews and private contractors as needed.

Crossing Guards: The municipality employs crossing guards where and when there is a demonstrated need.  See our Crossing Guard Policy (PDF) (Word) for more details.

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