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Resident's Responsibility

Clearing of driveways, including the snow windrow left by plows (road and or sidewalk), is the responsibility of the property owner. Depending on the length and severity of a storm, residents living on arterial and collector roads may have to clear driveway windrows a number of times as the plows may be required to make multiple passes during the storm.

Avoid parking on the streets during a snowstorm and in the days following a snowstorm. Parked cars interfere with snow plowing operations, and the resulting snow windrow negatively impacts traffic operations. Plows are required to re-plow these areas resulting in additional costs and further inconvenience for your neighbours who must clear their driveway windrows again. Vehicles interfering with winter control operations are subject to an immediate ticket and/or towing.

How You Can Assist

  • Remove debris and snow from any catch basin inlet near or adjacent to your property.
  • Do not push or blow snow from your property back onto the street. This is not only dangerous but a contravention under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Please pile snow on your property or on the boulevard.
  • Pile snow on the right side of your driveway (as you face the street) so that cleared snow does not get moved back into your driveway by the snow plow. During snow clearing operations, plow operators cannot lift the plow blade every time they approach a driveway.
  • Reduce the height of the snow bank by shoveling the snow back further onto your property. This improves visibility when entering or exiting your driveway.
  • Expose fire hydrants that become buried by snow banks and drifting snow.

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