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20 Minute Earth Week Clean Up

Thank you for volunteering to help clean up our beautiful Kawartha Lakes! With your participation, you will be joining many others – kids, families, friends, co- workers, and neighbours – throughout our municipality in a special activity that shows great care towards our environment and each other.

Clean-Up Objectives:

  • To remove litter and debris from our outdoors spaces!
  • To support each other in our community involvement and environmental awareness, and to enhance the environmental health of the City of Kawartha Lakes!
  • To have fun and enjoy each other’s company!

Through the registration process, you will have identified the date, time, and location of choice for your clean-up event, and will have arranged for a support kit delivery and waste disposal method. After that…

It’s As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Gather together at the location of your choice! Before heading out read the “Safe Clean-Up is a Fun Clean-up!” document to your group!

2. Work in pairs, be safe, and have fun!

3. When you are finished, call or email in your results and let us brag to our community about your accomplishments!

Clean-Up Leaders:

For the safety of your group, consider the following:


Consider a pre-event site visit - Assess it for possible hazards. Youth are not encouraged to clean along roads/highways or around parked cars. We recommend staying away from shorelines as they can be unsafe at this time.

Additional equipment needs - The City can only provide free bags and gloves. Is there any other equipment you may need to get? (Ex. safety vest, rakes or shovels).

Supervisor numbers - If you are working with youth or children, how many supervisors will you need? Identify these people beforehand and have them review all safety-related material.


  • Closely supervise the project and the participants. Do not allow youth or children to go near or in bush or wilderness areas alone!
  •  Do not allow participants to pick up any dangerous items, including broken glass, discarded needles, etc. Telephone the City at 1-888-822-2225, x1135 and let them know where these items are and they will be picked up safely.
  • NEVER attempt to clean up the remnants of a squatters’ camp – call your City contact.
  • Remind all participants to be very careful around parked cars, driveways, and along roads.
  • Do not allow participants to carry heavy, large or awkward items. Call yourCity contact.
  • We cannot recycle material that has been dumped unfortunately, as our recycling facility cannot manage dirty or damaged materials. Please place it in the garbage bags.
  • Always ensure one or more of your identified leaders have a cell phone for an emergency. Identify this person to the group.

Thank you!

A Safe Clean-Up is a Fun Clean-Up!

Safety is critical to a fun and successful clean-up! Please consider the following:

  • Clearly communicate where you will be picking up and stay with that location.
  •  Always be aware of your surroundings. Know where you are and consider where possible dangers could be. Avoid these areas.
  • Work with a buddy and keep a helpful eye on the activities of fellow participants.
  • Always obey traffic rules.

Hazardous and Harmful Waste

If you find dangerous or potentially dangerous litter during your clean-up do not attempt to move it yourself. These items may include:

  • broken glass, sharp metal
  • hazardous waste: clinical waste, chemicals, cleaners, needles, and old batteries
  • heavy objects: large stones, logs, and old furniture
  • dead/ injured animals
  • animal feces

Identify their location and report this to your team lead.

And don’t forget:

Wash your hands once the clean-up is finished!

 Thank you and enjoy!

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