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Clear Bag Program

To keep in line with the City of Kawartha Lakes’ Integrated Waste Management Strategy, starting January 1st 2017 will be the official launch of Clear Waste Bag Collection. This program has been very successful in other jurisdictions. This program will discourage the placement of recyclables into the waste stream as well as hazardous materials (i.e. sharps). This program will help divert recyclables from local landfill sites to preserve valuable landfill space.


Starting January 1st, 2017

On Your Collection Day:

  1. Place private waste into grocery sized bag.
  2. All other waste goes loosely into large clear garbage bag.
  3. One grocery sized privacy bag is permitted in each large clear garbage bag.
  4. Additional bags must have purchased bag tag attached to be accepted at curbside
  5. All recycling goes into its respective blue and green bin.

Bags Will be Tagged and Left Behind if:

  • The bag used was not clear;
  • The garbage visibly contains more than 20% recyclables;
  • Contains household hazardous waste;
  • Contains needles or other sharp hazards.

If you need additional recycling boxes, they are available for purchase at any Municipal Service Centre

What’s the benefit of this program?

  • Cost effective
  • Increases recyclables diversion rate
  • Improved safe handling for workers
  • Defers hazardous waste from the landfill

What will it cost me?

  • Clear garbage bags generally cost the same, or less than traditional opaque bags

Won’t this infringe on my privacy?

  • Each full size garbage bag is allowed one small privacy bag (size of a grocery bag) for concealment of personal debris.
  • Clear garbage bags may also be placed into garbage bins for storage on the curb for increased privacy until pick up.

Where can I get these clear bags?

  • The City of Kawartha Lakes has put together a local retailer list where these bags are available for purchase.
  • The clear bags should be available in all the same sizes as the opaque bags.

When will this take place?

  • Advertisement of the program has already begun.
  • January 2017 – Opaque bags will be tagged and left behind
  • February 2017 – After January 1st, 2017, left behind stickers will be placed on garbage that has not been put into a clear bag or contains hazardous waste or sharps (i.e. needles). The bylaw drafted to go to Council in July also proposes that clear bags visibly containing more than 20% recyclables by volume will not be collected after January 1, 2017.

Will this apply to contractors at the landfill?

  • Yes this program will apply to contractors.
  • The City has urged local retailers to carry clear contractor bags.

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