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Blue Box (Container) Recycling

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Use your Blue Recycling Box to set out the following materials on container week.


Glass Bottles and Jars – Rinse food and drink containers. Metal lids are recyclable.

Not Accepted: light bulbs, mirrors, dishes or window glass.


Polycoat – All types of milk and juice cartons, Tetra-Paks (drinking boxes), fibre coffee cups and fibre ice cream containers.

Not Accepted: straws.


Metal Cans (Steel and Aluminum) – Rinse food and drink cans. Place lids inside and pinch to close. Includes spiral wound containers.

Not Accepted: metal pots/ pans, coat hangers (plastic or metal) or VHS tapes.


Aluminum Foil Containers – Includes pie plates, take out containers, baking pans, frozen food trays and aluminum foil. All must be clean.


Plastic Bags and Film – Grocery, sandwich, bread, milk bags, frozen vegetables and dry cleaning bags. Clean plastic food wrap. Place all bags and film in one bag and tie closed.

Not Accepted: Solar pool covers and tarps.


Empty Paint Cans/Empty Aerosol Cans – Only completely dry and empty paint and aerosol cans will be collected. Cans containing aerosols or liquid paint must be delivered to a Household Hazardous Waste Depot.


Baked Goods Trays – Clamshell type clear containers.


Plastic Containers – Plastic bottles, jugs, tubs and lids with a recycle symbol of 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7.

Not Accepted: plastic cutlery, motor oil/antifreeze type containers, toys or large plastic items that cannot fit in blue box.


Styrofoam Containers – Foam cups, plates, white fast food containers, meat trays and egg cartons.

Not Accepted: packing peanuts or Styrofoam insulation.


Small Plastic Flower Pots – Plant & flower pots, large plastic pails (up to 5 gallons), plant trays and cell packs.


Tips to make container recycling work for you!

  • Remove caps and lids.
  • No limit on residential recycling amounts, put out all you want.
  • Place light material on the bottom and heavier items such as cans and glass bottles on top, to prevent lighter material from blowing away.
  • Broken glass should not be placed in the blue box. Instead, set in a sealed and labeled cardboard box for disposal as waste.
  • Please do not bag your container recycling.  It will not be collected.

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