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Green Box (Fibre) Recycling

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Use your Green Recycling Box to set out the following material on paper week.


Newspaper/Fine Paper – Newspapers, insert flyers, photographs, catalogues, magazines, phone books, mail, writing paper and envelopes (including window envelopes).

Not Accepted: shipping envelopes with bubble liner and polaroid’s


Other Packaging – Brown paper bags, fibre egg cartons, toilet/paper towel rolls.

Not Accepted: biodegradable paper products (i.e. drinking cups) and pet food bags.


Wrapping Materials – Non-metallic wrapping paper and greeting cards.  Gift bags accepted with rope, metal handles or other decals removed.


Boxboard –Boxboard includes cereal, cracker, detergent, drug, shoe, gift and tissue boxes. Remove liners and handles. Wax coated boxes such as frozen food boxes and ice cream cartons can also be added to your green box.

Not Accepted: peat pots and clementine boxes and paper towel/ facial tissue.


Corrugated Cardboard – Cardboard has a rippled layer in the middle and includes clean pizza boxes. Remove tape and other material from boxes. Break down into flat pieces and bundle. For easy handling, the bundle must be no larger than your green recycle box.


Books – Hard and soft cover books and telephone books.



Tips to make paper fibre recycling work for you!

  • Break down cardboard boxes so they are no larger than the size of your green box.  Maximum size of 2ft X 2ft X 2ft or 61cm X 61cm X 61cm.
  • Place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.
  • Green box lids are available for purchase at City Municipal Service Centres.
  • Do not place fibre contaminated with motor oil or pet waste inside your green box. It is garbage.
  • Please do not bag or bundle your papers.  Place materials loose in your green box.
  • Paper coffee cups and ice cream containers go in your blue box.

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