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Bag Limits and Pre-Paid Tags

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4BagLimit.jpgWeekly Curbside Waste Set Out Limit

The City of Kawartha Lakes has a weekly curbside waste limit per household:

  • 2 standard-sized garbage bags (oversized bags are counted as two)
  • 40 lbs or 18 kg per bag

Additional Bags Required

If you have more than two bags to put out, those additional bags require a special pre-paid bag tag. Tags are $3 each and are sold in sheets of 5 for $15 and 10 for $30. Pre-paid bag tags are available at all City Municipal Service Centres, local libraries and participating retail locations.


  • When using a bag tag, wrap it around the neck of the garbage bag and stick the ends together to form a ‘flag’.
  • If using containers, attach tag to top of garbage bag and ensure all tags are visible.
  • Pre-paid tags are not for use on leaf and yard waste. (Visit Leaf and Yard Waste for more information.)
  • Untagged bags exceeding the two bag limit will not be collected.
  • Waste collection drivers do not carry tags and cannot accept cash.
  • Bag tags are for curbside use only. All loads taken to the City landfill sites will be charged the standard tip fee even if they already have a tag.

To further help you divert materials from our landfill sites, visit: Curbside Recycling Collection & Other Diversion Programs.

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