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Multi-Residential Collection

Multi-residential buildings are defined as residences with six or more units.

buildings.jpgMulti-Residential Education Program

The City is implementing a recycling education program for multi-residential buildings. This program is dedicated to helping you as an owner, manager or superintendent to increase recycling at your building.

Participation is as easy! Call 705-324-9411, (888-822-2225) or email to:

      Curbside Collection


      7:00 a.m set out at the curb



      Property managers, if you are uncertain of your building’s curbside waste set out limits, please contact City staff at 705-324-9411 or 1-888-822-2225.



       There is no limit on the amount of recyclables your building can put out curbside in 65 and 95 gallon roll-out carts.


      Collection Musts

      • Please ensure all items in your container recycling cart are rinsed of residue
      • Make sure all cardboard is broken down into manageable bundles no larger than the size of a green box.  Maximum size 2ft X 2ft X 2ft or 61cm X 61cm X 61cm
      • Oversized materials hinder the operation of collection vehicles and will be left behind. Bagged recycling will not be collected
      • All non-recyclable waste goes loosely into large clear garbage bags (24” x 36” or max 40lbs). Place private waste into grocery sized bag.  One grocery sized privacy bag is permitted in each large clear garbage bag. (This is mandatory as of January 1, 2017.)
      • Bags will tagged and not collected if the bag used was not clear, visibly contains more than 20% recyclables, contains household hazardous waste, medical waste such as needles or other sharp hazards.  For more information on the Clear Bag Program.

      Too much garbage and recycling?

      If your multi-residential building is producing more than the weekly set out limit, private waste haulers are available to handle the larger quantities.

      A new landfill load inspection program has been implemented to encourage your participation in diversion programs.

      Multi-Residential Education Materials

      All education materials are available to buildings within the City of Kawartha Lakes upon request. To place your order please contact 705-324-9411, 888-822-2225 or email

      Recycle Posters are available as 8.5 X 11 or 11 X 17 (laminated posters are also available) for areas within your building dedicated to the collection of recyclables.

      Recycling More Handbook for multi-residential owners, property managers and superintendent.


      Recycling Cart Stickers are available to label your buildings carts to help sort your buildings recyclables.




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