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Waste Reduction Week

“The City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to doing its part to reduce waste” explains David Kerr, Manager of Environmental Services. “As part of our Integrated Waste Management Strategy we have developed several programs that will reduce the amount of waste going into our landfill sites. We are also always looking at new and economical ways to reduce.”

Waste Reduction Week is from October 16-22. There are several ways you and your family can help protect the environment and reduce household waste.

Why do we participate in Waste Reduction Week?

If we can reduce the amount of waste that is produced in the first instance, we are conserving resources and limiting the need to reuse or recycle. Canadians produce more than 31 million tonnes of waste annually, that’s 2.7kgs per person per day. In perspective, that’s the same volume of waste being generated as piling up 31 million average family cars. Nearly 40% of this waste is generated at home with the remainder coming from commercial, industrial, construction and demolition sources. Of the waste we are generating, we are diverting less than 25%.

Clear Bag Waste Collection:

Becoming mandatory on January 1, 2017 Clear Bag Waste Collection is expected to reduce the amount of recyclable items going into the landfill between 5 – 10%.

Curbside Battery Collection:

In 2016, 7,000 lbs of batteries were collected and recycled as part of the pilot curbside battery collection. Due to the success of this initiative, in 2017 there will be two curbside battery collections to make properly disposing of household batteries convenient for residents.

Backyard Composting:

Backyard composting is a proven way to reduce waste and turn organics into a rich soil supplement. Stay tuned as the City will be rolling out this program in 201. Backyard composters can be purchased at cost by contacting your nearest Municipal Service Centre.

Recycle Rangers: Planet Protector Program

This program is a joint initiative supported by the City of Kawartha Lakes and neighboring municipalities. Classroom presentations educate students and teachers about reducing waste. Recycle Rangers has won widespread accolades and awards by empowering students to educate their families and friends and become environmental leaders. Visit to participate.

Pack a Waste Free Lunch (PDF)

Tips and tricks for reducing waste at home (PDF)

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