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Frequently Asked Questions about Assessment

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Who is MPAC?

MPAC stands for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. MPAC is a non-profit, independent organization established by the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation Act in 1997.

What is the City of Kawartha Lakes’ involvement with property assessment?

None. MPAC is an independent organization. The City of Kawartha Lakes has no involvement or influence in how MPAC assesses properties.

Why is my property being assessed?

As per provincially mandated legislation, all properties in the Province of Ontario will be re-assessed this year. Neither MPAC nor the municipality determines when re-assessments will take place.

Does MPAC’s re-assessment just apply for residential properties?

No. MPAC’s property assessment applies to residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, pipeline, farm and managed forest/conservation.

Who made the decision to implement a reassessment?

The Provincial government determines reassessment programs and reassessment programs are mandatory and Province-wide.

What is the valuation date of my new assessment?

Your valuation date of your new assessment is January 1, 2008. The valuation date of your old assessment was January 1, 2005.

How to do I change my school support?

Please contact MPAC (see link at the top of this page) to obtain an application to switch school boards.

Return the completed application to MPAC or a school near you.

What is this new re-assessment?

Starting in 2009, assessment increases will be phased-in over a four year cycle. This mandatory phase-in will apply to all property classes.

Example: A $40,000 assessment increase will be phased-in gradually in increments of $10,000 each year over 4 years as follows:

From: $200,000 To: $240,000

Year     Assessment

2009       210,000
2010       220,000
2011       230,000
2012       240,000

Note: Assessment decreases are implemented immediately (not phased in) and will be used for taxation purposes in each taxation year through 2012.

Example: A $40,000 assessment decrease will result in assessment values of:

From: $200,000 to $160,000

Year     Assessment

2009       160,000
2010       160,000
2011       160,000
2012       160,000

When was the last time my property was assessed?

The last province-wide update took place three years ago and was based on a January 1, 2005 valuation date. Properties’ assessed values applied for three tax years: 2006, 2007 and 2008.

If my property was built in 2007, what is my old valuation date?

If your property was built anytime after January 1, 2005, your valuation date will still be January 1, 2005. MPAC will determine a value for your property as of this date.

How does MPAC assess my property?

Your assessment is determined using a variety of factors which include:

  • recent sales of similar properties in surrounding neighbourhoods and sub-neighbourhoods
  • three years of sales in most market areas are used in this analysis
  • property features such as: location, size of lot and dimensions, living area, age of property, renovations, and quality of construction are all factors taken into consideration when determining the market value of property in Ontario.

How can I find out more information about my assessed value?

You can access your assessment roll information (i.e. current value assessment, lot size, legal description) and obtain assessment roll values of comparable properties of your choice through “About My Property” on the MPAC website This information is provided free of charge. Included on the assessment notice is a unique user id and password that allows you access to this information.

How can I compare my property to similar properties in my neighbourhood to see what their assessed value is?

You can view information on up to 100 properties and obtain detailed information about your property and information on up to 24 additional properties of your choice free of charge by visiting About MyProperty at To access About MyProperty, you need a user ID and password. This information is included in the property assessment notice that was mailed to you.

Why has there been a change to the re-assessment system with the introduction of a four year phase-in of assessment increases? Will this new re-assessment benefit me?

In recent years there have been significant changes in property values, caused by market forces, which has impacted property tax liability levels.

This new system of phasing-in assessment increases will provide a greater level of stability and predictability. Additionally, the phase-in will help to smooth out increases and provide a more gradual move to the new assessment level.

Why are there percentage changes located on my Notice of Assessment?

There are two percentage changes located on your Notice of Assessment. The first indicates the percentage change of your assessment from the 2008 tax year compared to the 2009 year. With the second, you’ll be able to compare your assessment percent change compared to the average percentage change of the municipality as a whole.

What do these percentages mean?

As a general rule, if your percentage change is larger than the average municipal change, you may experience an assessment related tax increase. If your percentage change is relatively close to the average, in all likelihood, you may not experience an assessment related tax increase or decrease. If your percentage change is less than the average, you may experience an assessment related tax decrease.

What is About MyProperty?

About MyProperty is located under the Property Owners tab on the MPAC website. This page includes video clips that explain the assessment process in Ontario among other things. There is also an interactive page which explains the changes to the Assessment Notices. If the individual’s preferred language is not English, MPAC has translated the information into other languages and these can be selected on that page.

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