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Sign up for epostTM and get your bills online.
Isn’t it time your mailbox went digital?

epost_mailbox.jpgCity of Kawartha Lakes has teamed up with epost, the free online service from Canada Post that lets you to receive, view, and store your bills all in one place.

With text or email reminders of statement delivery and due dates, payment links to your online bank, and long term document storage, epost is your digital mailbox for life.

For home, farm, or cottage – there’s a growing list of companies who send their mail through epost.  Discover the convenience of receiving it - all in one place!

Get started today.  With your paper bill on hand, simply:

  1. Sign up and sign in at
    (or through your financial institution)
  2. Select ‘Add a Mailer’ and choose ”City of Kawartha Lakes - Water Bill”
  3. Enter required information from a recent paper statement.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for “City of Kawartha Lakes - Property Tax” and each other statement you want to receive and you’re set.

One place.  One login.  One password.

Also available: Property Tax, City Utilities, Hydro, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Property Assessment, Payroll, Investment Statements, Insurance Policies, Home Phone, Internet, Cell Phone, Digital & Satellite TV, Credit Cards, Retail Credit Cards, Gas Cards, Toll Road, Delivered Water, Cottage Tax, Cottage Utilities, Cottage Hydro, Cottage Property Assessment

TM Trademark of Canada Post Corporation, used under licence.

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