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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

I have completed a Request for Reconsideration and it is not reflected on my tax bill. Why?

All assessment adjustments are entered into the system subsequent to the Tax Bills being produced. This ensures that the municipality has billed on the Assessment Roll provided to the municipality by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. Staff are attempting to have all assessment changes reflected in our system within 2 weeks, and letters will be sent to property owners before their second installment due date indicating how their assessment change has changed. 

Why does the exemption assessment not show on the tax bill?

The exempt assessment figure is not used in calculations, therefore it is not printed on the tax bills.

I have a farm property, but the assessment shows as residential, not farm.

To be eligible for the reduced tax rate, the property must be used for farming purposes. Please contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs for an application.  Farmland Tax Reduction Program, 1-800-469-2285.

My mortgage company pays my taxes, why did I receive a tax bill?

Tax bills have been sent to all property owners. If the mortgage company is responsible for payment and is indicated on our records, there is a note at the bottom of the bill with the mortgage company information. If we do not have the information about the mortgage company at the bottom of the bill, please forward the tax bill directly to your mortgage company for payment.

Why are the installments due earlier this year than last year?

It has been the goal of the municipality to return to June and September installment due dates. The budget was passed in time this year to allow tax bills to be produced in time to have a June due date. It is expected that taxes will be due in the future, in February, April, June and September.

Why am I being charged for streetlights when I don't have one in front of me?

Council passed a resolution that the following municipalities would have all properties pay for streetlights and sidewalks:

  • Lindsay
  • Omemee
  • Fenelon Falls
  • Woodville
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Sturgeon Point 

I want to pay my taxes through internet banking. How do I set it up?

Please look for 'City of Kawartha Lakes', or 'Kawartha Lakes', and then proceed to enter your roll number. Be sure to use all 19 digits of the roll number without spaces or punctuation.

How much will my interim taxes be?

Interim taxes are based upon 50% of the prior year's taxes — unless — there was a tax reduction, or an additional tax bill for 2015. In that case the interim bill is based upon the adjustment as if it was for the full year (see tax flyer).

I'm on the monthly preauthorized payment plan. When will the last payment be taken from my bank account?

The preauthorized payment plan is a 10 month plan running from January until October, with October being the reconciliation month. The last payment will be withdrawn from your account on October 31.

I'm on the instalment preauthorized payment plan. When will the payments be withdrawn from my account?

The payments will be withdrawn on the actual instalment due date.

How will I know what my monthly payment will be next year for the preauthorized payment plan?

Letters will be sent to all participants in the monthly preauthorized payment plan at the beginning of January stating the new amount to be taken from your bank account.


Who is MPAC?

MPAC stands for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. MPAC is a non-profit, independent organization established by the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation Act in 1997.

What is the City of Kawartha Lakes’ involvement with property assessment?

None. MPAC is an independent organization. The City of Kawartha Lakes has no involvement or influence in how MPAC assesses properties.

Does MPAC’s re-assessment just apply for residential properties?

No. MPAC’s property assessment applies to residential, multi-residential, commercial, industrial, pipeline, farm and managed forest/conservation.

How to do I change my school support?

Please contact MPAC (see link at the top of this page) to obtain an application to switch school boards.

Return the completed application to MPAC or a school near you.

How does MPAC assess my property?

Your assessment is determined using a variety of factors which include:

  • recent sales of similar properties in surrounding neighbourhoods and sub-neighbourhoods
  • three years of sales in most market areas are used in this analysis
  • property features such as: location, size of lot and dimensions, living area, age of property, renovations, and quality of construction are all factors taken into consideration when determining the market value of property in Ontario.

How can I find out more information about my assessed value?

You can access your assessment roll information (i.e. current value assessment, lot size, legal description) and obtain assessment roll values of comparable properties of your choice through “About My Property” on the MPAC website This information is provided free of charge. Included on the assessment notice is a unique user id and password that allows you access to this information.

How can I compare my property to similar properties in my neighbourhood to see what their assessed value is?

You can view information on up to 100 properties and obtain detailed information about your property and information on up to 24 additional properties of your choice free of charge by visiting About MyProperty at To access About MyProperty, you need a user ID and password. This information is included in the property assessment notice that was mailed to you.

What is About MyProperty?

About MyProperty is located under the Property Owners tab on the MPAC website. This page includes video clips that explain the assessment process in Ontario among other things. There is also an interactive page which explains the changes to the Assessment Notices. If the individual’s preferred language is not English, MPAC has translated the information into other languages and these can be selected on that page.

Property Taxes & Reassessment

Will my taxes go up based on my new assessment?

Not necessarily. Municipal tax rates are set to reflect the updated assessment values. Those properties that received an assessment increase which was approximately the same or less compared to the overall average for that municipality will, in all likelihood, not experience a tax increase as a result of reassessment.

However, if the value increases above that of the average increase in the municipality, in all likelihood, a tax increase will occur due to the reassessment program.

Example: Assuming the average assessment increase in a municipality is 15 per cent, if your property assessment has increased by more than 15 per cent, you may experience an assessment related increase.

Besides the valuation changes occurring from the reassessment program, changes in the municipality’s budget requirements also affect tax rates. However, budget changes are not reflected until the final tax bill is prepared, after municipalities pass their annual budgets

Please note: The Province sets the education tax rate on a provincial basis for residential properties.

Which assessment value will I be taxed on?

The value you will be taxed on will be stated on your Notice of Assessment. The tax year will be in bold.

Using the example in the first question, you will be taxed on $210,000 in 2009, $220,000 in 2010, $230,000 in 2011 and $240,000 in 2012.

Your property tax bill you receive from the municipality will show you the value that is being taxed, which will be the first of the four assessment figures.

Does an increase in my property assessment mean my taxes will go up?

An increase in a property assessment does not necessarily mean an increase in municipal property taxes. If the assessed value of a home has increased by the same percentage as the average in the municipality, there might not be an increase in the property taxes paid by the individual property taxpayer.

The revised property assessments may result in a re-distribution of the property taxes among properties and/or tax classes but the City of Kawartha Lakes does not receive any additional tax revenue as a result of property assessment. It is revenue neutral.

When will I receive my annual property tax bill from the City of Kawartha Lakes?

The City of Kawartha Lakes will mail out its interim tax bill at the end of January. Final tax bills will be mailed out at the end of May.

Who should I contact regarding tax calculations and other taxation concerns?

Please contact the City of Kawartha Lakes, Revenue and Taxation Division for more questions or concerns, keeping in mind that actual tax impacts will not be known until the spring when the tax rates are set through the tax levy by-laws.

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