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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have completed a Request for Reconsideration and it is not reflected on my tax bill. Why?

All assessment adjustments are entered into the system subsequent to the Tax Bills being produced. This ensures that the municipality has billed on the Assessment Roll provided to the municipality by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. Staff are attempting to have all assessment changes reflected in our system within 2 weeks, and letters will be sent to property owners before their second installment due date indicating how their assessment change has changed. 

Why does the exemption assessment not show on the tax bill?

The exempt assessment figure is not used in calculations, therefore it is not printed on the tax bills.

I have a farm property, but the assessment shows as residential, not farm.

To be eligible for the reduced tax rate, the property must be used for farming purposes. Please contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs for an application.  Farmland Tax Reduction Program, 1-800-469-2285.

My mortgage company pays my taxes, why did I receive a tax bill?

Tax bills have been sent to all property owners. If the mortgage company is responsible for payment and is indicated on our records, there is a note at the bottom of the bill with the mortgage company information. If we do not have the information about the mortgage company at the bottom of the bill, please forward the tax bill directly to your mortgage company for payment.

Why are the installments due earlier this year than last year?

It has been the goal of the municipality to return to June and September installment due dates. The budget was passed in time this year to allow tax bills to be produced in time to have a June due date. It is expected that taxes will be due in the future, in February, April, June and September.

Why am I being charged for streetlights when I don't have one in front of me?

Council passed a resolution that the following municipalities would have all properties pay for streetlights and sidewalks:

  • Lindsay
  • Omemee
  • Fenelon Falls
  • Woodville
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Sturgeon Point 

I want to pay my taxes through internet banking. How do I set it up?

Please look for 'City of Kawartha Lakes', or 'Kawartha Lakes', and then proceed to enter your roll number. Be sure to use all 19 digits of the roll number without spaces or punctuation.

How much will my interim taxes be?

Interim taxes are based upon 50% of the prior year's taxes — unless — there was a tax reduction, or an additional tax bill for 2015. In that case the interim bill is based upon the adjustment as if it was for the full year (see tax flyer).

I'm on the monthly preauthorized payment plan. When will the last payment be taken from my bank account?

The preauthorized payment plan is a 10 month plan running from January until October, with October being the reconciliation month. The last payment will be withdrawn from your account on October 31.

I'm on the instalment preauthorized payment plan. When will the payments be withdrawn from my account?

The payments will be withdrawn on the actual instalment due date.

How will I know what my monthly payment will be next year for the preauthorized payment plan?

Letters will be sent to all participants in the monthly preauthorized payment plan at the beginning of January stating the new amount to be taken from your bank account.

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