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Property Tax Fees & Charges

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New fee amounts as passed by Council. Effective March 1, 2017

Tax Sale Administration Fee $351.50

This fee is added to a property tax when the tax sale process is started. It is to offset the costs associated with the tax sale process regarding staff time to deal with extra paperwork in the process, tax sale packages prepared and copied, and increased telephone/fax/email inquiries in regard to the tax sale.

Tax Certificates $57.50
This fee is for a legal document issued regarding the status of property taxes on a specific property.

New Account Administration Fee $37.00
The purpose of this fee is to offset the cost incurred in changing ownership records on accounts within the municipality.

Returned Cheque Fee $40.25
This fee is levied on all returned cheques.

Duplicate Receipts $23.00
The charge for a duplicate copy of a receipt for taxes paid.

Registered Mail $34.75
During the collection process every reasonable attempt is made to contact property owners. Frequently Registered Mail is sent to the property owners and the cost of doing so, along with the staff time association with this, is added to the tax roll.

Subsearches of Property $85.50 plus costs
When there is no response to a final collection notice, a subsearch of the property may be conducted to determined if there are other interested parties that should be contacted about the status of property taxes.

Site Visits $171.00
As a final attempt to bring the seriousness of overdue property taxes to the attention of a property owner, site visits are undertaken with the cost added to the property tax account. This is only if the property is not indicated as vacant land.

Tax Searches $28.25/year
Property owners rely upon the municipality to provide them with the details of historical property tax information, frequently requiring staff to seek records within the Records Management System. These requests frequently span a number of years requiring staff to research as much information as possible to ensure accurate information is provided.

Transfer of Electronic Payments $34.75 (first time no charge)

Where a payment has been made to the incorrect account and it has to be transferred to the correct account

Reminder Notices $22.75

Where reminder notices are sent when more than the current year taxes are outstanding

Reprint of Tax Bill $28.25

Tax bills are sent to each property owner – any additional copies of the tax bill are produced for a fee.  Customers may enrol for ePost where copies of tax bills may be stored in their ePost account for up to 7 years.

Retrieval of Post-dated Cheques $40.25

Cheques are processed when received.  In order to address administration costs with the retrieval of a post-dated cheque a fee is levied.  Alternatively, the customer may put a stop payment on the cheque and advise the City in advance of the stop payment – no returned cheque fee will be charged in this instanct.

Tax Arrears Extension Agreement $216.50

If a property is in the Municipal Tax Sale process and an interested party wishes to enter into an extension agreement to clear the outstanding debt an Extension Agreement must be entered and approved by Council.

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